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Are Electric Bicycles Considered Motorized Vehicles - WP

Are Electric Bicycles Considered Motorized Vehicles?

When you think of electric bicycles, you could consider them in between traditional pedal bikes and motorcycles. This would typically be because of the added speed that the motor adds to the bike. But have they been considered motor vehicles? As of the year 2021, in the United States, electric bicycles are not considered motorized […]

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Should You Wear A Helmet On An E-Bike - WP

Should You Wear A Helmet On An E-Bike?

Electric bikes are an excellent way of getting around town. With the continuous rise of the popularity of electric bicycles that more people are using, safety is becoming more of a concern. With more and more people on electric bikes, a serious question has to be asked. Do you have to wear a helmet while […]

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Are Electric Bicycles Allowed In National Parks - WP

Are Electric Bicycles Allowed In National Parks?

There are plenty of people who like to take their bikes through trails inside and outside national parks. Perhaps you are one of those people. However, you might have just purchased yourself a new electric bicycle, and you might be asking, am I allowed to take my e-bike through the same trails I used to […]

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Can Electric Bicycles Be Stored Outside - WP

Can Electric Bicycles Be Stored Outside?

When it comes to electric bicycles, there are quite a few things to know. Firstly the laws regarding proper use in your state or country. Then you also have to know where to buy one and what you are looking for in your electric bicycle. Last but not least, you have to understand how to […]

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Do Electric Bikes Have Gears - WP

Do Electric Bikes Have Gears?

When looking to purchase a new electric bicycle to get around your area, there are plenty of things to consider, such as the brand, tire size, battery life, and mileage. But something else you might be viewing is geared for your electric bicycle. Do electric bikes have gears? There are plenty of electric bicycles that […]

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Which Electric Bikes Have Regenerative Braking - WP

Which Electric Bikes Have Regenerative Braking?

When it comes to riding on the ever more popular electric bicycle, the one thing that always gives a cause for concern to new electric bike owners is the overall mileage that these bikes can have. This might be enough for some people with the typical maximum mileage per full charge sitting roughly 25 miles.  […]

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Which Electric Bikes Have Bosch Motors - WP

Which Electric Bikes Have Bosch Motors?

With electric bikes being used more and more every day and their popularity is constantly increasing. If you are looking into information around electric bicycles, you might have come across some information stating that Bosch Motors are the best motors for electric bikes. But then the question arises, “What electric bikes have Bosch motors?” Well, […]

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Can Electric Bikes Get Wet_ - WP

Can Electric Bikes Get Wet?

Part of the fun in buying or trying new things is learning what kind of limitations are on the object and how to experiment in a safe, productive manner. In that sense, e-bikes, while not toys, are another vector of life to experience and another limit to be tested, so can they get wet? In […]

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Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually_ - WP

Can Electric Bikes Be Used Manually?

The fact of the matter is, electric bicycles are on the rise in popularity. Since 2010 more and more people are choosing to ride electric bikes on their commute to work or wherever else instead of traditional pedal bicycles or walking. But what happens when your electric bikes’ battery runs out? Can you pedal it […]

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Are Electric Bikes Street Legal - WP

Are Electric Bikes Street Legal?

Electric bikes or e-bikes, as people often refer them to in their respective communities, have some unique uses and regulations and laws of all common forms of transportation. This is because they fall into the category of both a normalized bike and can exceed certain speeds that can make them potentially dangerous in incapable hands. […]

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