Can a Bike Pump Inflate a Car Tire?

Bike Pump

If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself in a bind with a flat tire on your care and no way to pump it up. Well, I’m here to share my experience in using a Bike Pump to Inflate a Car Tire. A car tire can be inflated using a bicycle pump. However, the weight … Read more

How To Attach A Bike Trailer: A Step-By-Step Guide!

How To Attach A Bike Trailer: A Step-By-Step Guide!

Cycling is a great activity and one of the best parts about it is that everyone can do it! You can even include the kids or the pets if you need to! Bike trailers are the perfect way to make this happen. Here are some simple steps for attaching a Bike Trailer to your bike: … Read more

What Size of Bike Do I Need? (A Measurement Guide!)

What size of bike do I need

Bike measurements are so important for so many reasons, but for the most part, it can seem daunting trying to understand what to measure and what the measurements mean. I will go over common measurement methods and describe what each measurement will tell you. Bicycles are measured using three common methods: Overall Sizing – Small, … Read more

Can I Take A Folding Bike On An Airplane? (And Avoid Problems?)

Can I Take A Folding Bike To An Airplane

If you’re anything like me, taking a bicycle ride is quite an important part of my day. But what about when you are traveling? Do we just have to forego the daily ride? Here I’m going to give some of the down-low for taking your bike onto an airplane. So can a folding bike actually … Read more

How Much Does A Gas Motor Bicycle Kit Cost? (10 Examples)

How Much Does A Gas Motor Bicycle Kit Cost?

Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by the bikes with the tiny little motors on them. To me, it seemed like so much fun. Gas bike motors are really a great way to get around on a budget. But how much does one actually cost? In this article, I’ll give 10 … Read more

How To Use A Bike Lane? (Pros and Cons)

How To Use A Bike Lane

As a brand new cyclist, one of the most intimidating parts is riding on main roads, rather than in quiet areas, or on a sidewalk. Luckily there are often bike lanes provided to alleviate some of the stress that comes from riding with traffic. A cyclist should use bike lanes when provided, riding with the … Read more

What is The Best Bike Brand For Mountain Bikes

Bike Brands for Mountain Bikes

It is not an easy choice to choose your mountain bike by walking into a store & going just like that for any bike. What a brand has to be offer, what’s the review of it, how good is the quality, how trustworthy is the brand has a major influence on the buying decision. There … Read more

Road Cycling vs Mountain Biking

Road Cycling vs Mountain Biking

Road cycling is the most feasible across the all type of cycling. It incorporates recreational, hustling, and utility cycling. Street cyclists are commonly expected to comply with indistinguishable principles and laws from other vehicle drivers or riders and may likewise be vehicular cyclists. Street cycling is a movement most generally performed on a bike. Street … Read more

How Long do I need to Ride a bike to burn (500, 1000, 1500) calories

How Long do I need to Ride a bike to burn (500, 1000, 1500) calories

Bicycling is a prominent, low-sway practice that can enable you to achieve your wellness objectives. Cycling will tone and reinforce your muscles and in this way increment your metabolic rate, enabling you to consume more calories, even while very still. Numerous variables, including your metabolic rate, influence the speed and span of bicycling you have … Read more

How do Mountain and Hybrid Bikes Differ

How do Mountain and Hybrid Bikes Differ

In the present bike commercial center, numerous choices flourish for a cyclist’s needs. Hybrid bikes, or cross bicycles, are developing in ubiquity for no particular reason entertainment and general driving. For those looking for tough rough terrain riding, mountain bicycles settle on the perfect decision. While the two bicycle plans have similitudes, each exceeds expectations … Read more