Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

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If you love cycling, you are probably wondering how to boost the thrill of cycling. Nothing feels greater than being able to cycle faster without draining your energy. The thought of having an electric bike has closed your mind, but its cost is a deal-breaker. Fortunately, technological advancement has placed us on another level. If … Read more

Best Electric Bikes

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Are you searching for the best bike to move around easily, go up mountains, or commute to work? Electric bikes are now widely available for your selection. However, since e-bikes are made for different purposes, there is always the best e-bike. Thus, it can be challenging to get the right one. Do you want to … Read more

A Guide to Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes is not just for the hardcore off-road rider. These bikes offer great value for money when purchasing for an experienced rider. There is a huge range of models available to suit every user, from family mountain bikes to urban bikes that have been designed to match the rigors of urban cycling. … Read more

The Best Rated Electric Bike

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What is the best rated electric bike? This is a question asked by so many who are on the quest to purchase one for their personal use. They want to get a good deal on a great bike, but aren’t sure how to find the top rated ones. The purpose of this article is to … Read more

Murf Electric Bikes For College Students

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Murf Electric Bikes may be a new entry into the e-bikes market, but they’re no amateur effort. They’re established pros in their own right, which is part of what makes them so appealing. But it’s also part of what makes them so easy to ride – as long as you have the correct parts. Otherwise, … Read more

Electric Bicycles: Is It Really Exercise?

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Exercise. Some people love it, some hate it. There’s a variety of different ways to get physical and work on your fitness. You could be a runner… A weightlifter… Or, you could be the one who fancies biking. There’s a massive range of the different types of bikes out there, ranging from tricycles to motorcycles, … Read more

50 Best Mountain Biking Trails in the U.S


Every state in the U.S has some biking trails worth exploring. This goes to show just how much Americans love mountain biking and exploring the outdoors. With the beautiful sceneries and cleverly built trails, bikers have a chance at testing their skill and enjoying breathtaking natural features while at the same time doing something they … Read more

13 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Nevada

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The Nevada trails come with hand-crafted trails, which are well marked, perfect for both friend’s families and expert bikers looking for some adrenalin rush on their more challenging trails. Nevada comes with various open roads, untracked backcountry, and wild trails, which all come with different kinds of terrains, including asphalts trails, desert trails, smooth trails, … Read more

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Wyoming

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Whether you are a newbie in the mountain biking scene or a seasoned hand, one of the most important things to look out for is a trail that suits your style. Blessed with Rocky Mountains and a fierce biking community, Wyoming, is gradually emerging as a hub for mountain bikers of all categories. Located in … Read more