Can a Bike Pump Inflate a Car Tire?

Bike Pump

If you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself in a bind with a flat tire on your care and no way to pump it up. Well, I’m here to share my experience in using a Bike Pump to Inflate a Car Tire. A car tire can be inflated using a bicycle pump. However, the weight … Read more

What Size of Bike Do I Need? (A Measurement Guide!)

What size of bike do I need

Bike measurements are so important for so many reasons, but for the most part, it can seem daunting trying to understand what to measure and what the measurements mean. I will go over common measurement methods and describe what each measurement will tell you. Bicycles are measured using three common methods: Overall Sizing – Small, … Read more

9 Mountain Bike Road Trip Mistakes- How to Avoid Them

9 Mountain Bike Road Trip Mistakes How to Avoid Them

SOME COMMON MOUNTAIN BIKE ROAD TRIP MISTAKES—AND HOW TO AVOID THEM Overlooking the strain and burden, riding on a mountain bicycle throughout the day is the best inclination ever. It gets considerably all the more energizing when you are with your mates, riding to new places, new destinations, having a great time and chill. Presently, … Read more

Bikes: How to Choose The Right One

Bikes- How to Choose Right One

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BICYCLE The choice to purchase another bicycle is simple. It’s making sense of precisely what sort of bicycle that demonstrates to be somewhat more testing. When you start your hunt, you understand there are various sorts and many styles. While that assortment implies there’s surely an extraordinary counterpart for whatever sort … Read more

Why your Next Bike Should Be Mountain Bike

Why your Next Bike Should Be Mountain Bike

Tough choices encircle us always in life. In fact, life is but a mixed bag of tough choices. When we talk about biking, we always want to check what is biking in exact sense & which bike should be chosen. Many people prefer road bikes while some prefer hybrid bikes & the best ones prefer … Read more

What Is A Mountain Bike

What Is A Mountain Bike

A type of rugged bicycle with flat handlebars, multiple gears and wide tires for riding narrow and dirt track, specially designed for riding on mountainous ground. These kind of bikes are durable with wheels of diameter typically either 27.5-inch or 29-inch. There are separate models designed for men and women, Women’s models are marked by … Read more

5 Reasons Mountain Bikes Should Give Road Riding a Try

5 Reasons Mountain Bikes Should Give Road Riding a Try

Biking has garnered immense popularity & respect in recent times. Though it came into existence in the early 19th century, since the, there is the two factions an increasing number of  people who showed some bit of strength & character to opt for biking. There is still a difference between both types of-  mountain & … Read more