10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Georgia

Also referred to as the Peach State, Georgia is the country’s top producer of Vidalia onions, peanuts, and pecans.

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Also referred to as the Peach State, Georgia is the country’s top producer of Vidalia onions, peanuts, and pecans. Onions from this region are ranked as some of the sweetest and nutritious in the world. Another sweet treat from Georgia is Coca-Cola which was invented in 1886 in Atlanta. In the east of the Mississippi River, Georgia is the biggest state with a total of 159 counties. Two counties in Georgia have two names, Jeff Davis County and Ben Hill County. Besides this, mountain biking in Georgia has gained much popularity over the few decades due to its recreational and fitness purposes.

Many residents in Georgia have opted to indulge in mountain biking as one of the best strategies in evading obesity, cardiovascular and chronic diseases. Encouraging biking as a transportation mode has helped reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and reduce demand for parking. The healthcare cost has decreased drastically as many people are living healthy lifestyles, thanks to mountain biking. The trails in this region have created safer streets for the residents and the bikers.

With beautiful and breathtaking sceneries, there is a vast range of adventurous and wild mountain biking trails to explore in Georgia. If you are new in the region and wonder about some of the trails to visit, you are in the right place; this piece will enlighten you.

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1. Blankets Creek, Woodstock

Blankets Creek, Woodstock
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Situated near Woodstock in Georgia, Blankets Creek is one of the best and highly rated tracks in the state. It’s near the Atlanta Metro Area; thus, many city-dwellers flock here on weekends and holidays. It is 15 miles intermediate singletrack system. If you are a novice, pick one of the flat and short trails starting from the parking lot. However, if you are up for a more technical level, proceed further into the woods to experience more jumps and rocks on the trail.

Be mindful and cautious as you bike in Blankets Creek as they tend to be crowded, but once you get further from the starting point, it gets better and more fun. For first-timers, it is hard to get lost in the park, thanks to the signage on every trail.

Going by the trails, the Blankets Creek is a perfect example of a trail system that is stacked loop. Further, it is full of jumps, berms, rocks, and some serious exposure to the trail. Thus, it wise to be careful and cautious not to injure yourself or other bikers in the trails. Wearing of helmet while biking is a must at all times.

2. Chicopee Woods, Gainesville

Chicopee Woods, Gainesville

Situated near Gainesville in Georgia, the Chicopee mountain biking trails are managed by SORBA volunteers in Northeast Georgia. It is a 21 miles stretch. If you’re exploring, attempt the 2.6-mile Tortoise Loop track for novices. The Red Tail Loop and the Flying Squirrel are the intermediate trails that are worth your time. The Copperhead is a technical trail in this region and stretches up to 4.5 miles.

Chicopee Woods mountain biking trail is an exciting ride that starts at the Tortoise Trail. Proceed towards the indicated direction. Enjoy an adventurous warm-up ride until you arrive at the White Tail Trail intersection.

Down the White Tail Trail, enjoy an amusing quick descent, then hit left once you hit the service road. This trail goes through woods for some miles prior to terminating on the same service road.

The White Tail Trail on the Chicopee Woods is slightly more challenging as you bike down towards the creek bed. It then goes up to Champagne Hill before heading southwards to the interstate. After crossing a couple of elevated bridges, proceed beyond the creek and start biking up the gravel road. This trail is much fun as you will to meet new people and interact.

3. Dwelling Loop Mountain Biking Trail

Dwelling Loop Mountain Biking Trail
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Situated near Holly Springs in Georgia, Dwelling Loop is a favorite spot for mountain biking and stretches up to four miles. The travel direction may change on some days of the week; thus you should be keen on that. Traveling around Lake Allatoona, this is an intermediate level loop trail and therefore suitable for a wide range of bikers. Expect a reasonable number of rocks and roots; hence you to be focused and mindful of other bikers on the trail too.

The Dwelling Loop is opened to the public throughout the year. It is a suitable avenue to unwind and socialize with new people, especially during the weekends. It is much therapeutic as it will relieve you from the stress and the hassles of the busy city lifestyle. The ride will also help you to keep fit and to boost your immunity.

Those wishing to explore the Dwelling Loop mountain biking trail should be ready to abide by the laid down guidelines. You should follow the direction of the trail to avoid causing confusion and accidents in the trail.

4. Bull and Jake Mountain Biking Trail

Bull and Jake Mountain Biking Trail
©Outdoor Project

Situated near Dahlonega in Georgia, Bull and Jake Mountain biking trails encompass many different routes. The scenery at this trail is spectacular as it features a waterfall. There are primitive roads, singletrack, and double-track trails as you go along the forest roads.

In North Georgia, this is a premier mountain biking destination that you should consider exploring. The trails go through Dahlonega, Dawsonville, and Helen. Generally, the trails are more technical and steeper on the Bull Mountain region of the trails. Equestrian riders and horse riders can also explore this trail as they are allowed.

The Bull and Jake Mountain biking trail gives you a chance to interact with nature as you bike through the exciting terrains. You can also meet new friends who will motivate you to exceed your biking limits and reach an unexpected distance. On challenging hurdles that are beyond your level, you may opt to dismount your bike and walk.

5. Stanley Gap Mountain Biking Trail

Stanley Gap Mountain Biking Trail
©Black Sheep MTB Youtube

Located near the Blue Ridge in Georgia, the Stanley Gap mountain biking trail is a 10 miles stretch. It is a suitable choice if you are seeking an in-depth and technical level. You should be ready for challenging climbs and swift downhills before you could begin pedaling.

For extra mileage, you could proceed further towards the Flat Creek Trail. An ideal place to bike on this trail is at the Aska Road trailhead. The Stanley Gap is an out-and-back track; thus, you should ride along the singletrack proceeding to the trailhead. The initial section is categorized as the challenging part as you ascend to the second Flat Branch Connector.

The highest point of the Stanley Gap is just beneath the summit of Rocky Mountain. After this, the descent is filled with rooty and rocky encounters that go towards the Deep Gap parking area. This is mostly trafficked during weekends and holidays.

6. Sope Creek Trail

Situated near Vinings in Georgia, the Sope Creek mountain biking trail is the most straightforward track within the Atlanta Metro Area. This spot is popular for hikers, trail runners, and mountain biking; thus, you are required to be on the lookout as you will be sharing the trail, especially on busy days. The trail stretches up to 8.8-mile.

Sope Creek encompasses wide trails and singletrack within the classic forest, offering you an adventurous feel as you explore. This travel is packed with gravel and features minimal elevation gain.

The trail goes up to the Marietta Paper Mill’s previous site via the well-worn tracks around the edges of the lichen-crusted and moss stacks of stone. This paper mill was constructed in the 1850s and later demolished by Union troops during the Atlanta battle. Trees and grasses now grow within the structure’s walls giving the riders a fantastic outlook of the castle-like remnants tower.

7. Bear Creek Mountain Biking Trail

Bear Creek Mountain Biking Trail

Situated near Ellijay in Michigan, the Bear Creek mountain biking trail is famous for its apple orchards during the fall. These singletrack trails stretch up to 10 miles. At the Bear Creek Trailhead, there is parking for all those wishing to explore this trail.

The trail starts at the information desk, goes through the Bear Creek Loop Trail, and encompasses switchbacks and climbs. Mountain bikers are able to enjoy this ridable trail throughout the year. Few creek crossings are also available here; you may also opt to camp at Mulberry Gap if you seek a weekend out.

The Bear Creek mountain biking trail is managed and maintained by the Colorado Mountain Bike Association, which is dedicated to the growth and sustenance of mountain biking experience to better the health, economy, and environment of Colorado through stewardship, outreach, and advocacy. Additionally, it is a non-profitable organization.

Mountain bikers exploring the Bear Creek mountain biking trail are advised to be focused in order to prevent accidents on the trail. Mountain bike accidents can be very severe, especially if you fall off the trails; thus, you should use protective gear at all times and not ride on wet and slimy trails.

8. Pinhoti Trail

Pinhoti Trail
©Fleet Feet

Situated in Dalton in Michigan, the Pinhoti mountain biking trail stretches from Appalachian Trail all the way to Alabama. Bikers majorly use this fantastic trail along the paved road. Select this track for an overnight backpacking adventure on your mountain bike.

On Pinhoti trail, you will be able to access incredible mountain biking sections to extend your ride, including Bear Creek Area. One of the favorite sections is at the P3 section of the Pinhoti, which proceeds six miles down to CCC camp from the Cohutta Wilderness Overlook. This is ideal for experienced mountain bikers who are able to handle tough switchbacks and steep climbs.

Pinhoti mountain biking trail gives you a chance to keep fit as you interact with your family and friends, especially during the weekends. Never miss an opportunity to unwind in this breathtaking trail. This helps you start over a new week fresh and motivated. All those biking in this trial is expected to be on the lookout and to have helmets.

9. Jackrabbit Mountain Trail

Jackrabbit Mountain Trail
©MTB Project

Situated near Hiawassee in Georgia, the Jackrabbit mountain biking trail is friendly for beginners as it has gentle declines and inclines. It’s strategically located off Jackrabbit Road near the North Carolina/Georgia border.

Technical sections, climbing, and obstacles are very few. Here you will get 15 miles of well-constructed singletrack trails that provide beautiful sceneries of the nearby lake. This trail can accommodate bikers with varying levels of skills and is also suitable for hikers. The riders can enjoy the glimpses of Lake Chatuge.

After you have done biking, enjoy the waters at the Jackrabbit Mountain Recreation section, a designated sandy beach and swimming area surrounded by sizeable glassy lawn and picnic tables. A picnic pavilion provides group picnicking with sceneries of the lake. This short trail connects the beach and the campground.

The lake at the Jackrabbit encompasses a bounty of fish ranging from striped, white, and spotted bass to catfish, sunfish, and crappie. This trail is a perfect spot to unwind and try fishing after a challenging mountain trail.

10. Altoona Creek Park

Altoona Creek Park

Situated near Acworth in Georgia, the Altoona Creek Park mountain biking trail is a 20-mile ride. It is suitable for advanced riders, intermediate, and beginners. A good novice trail is Rusty Bucket, while Voodoo is a perfect advanced trail. It is vital to verify the direction of the ride as it tends to change more often. From November to December, the trail is closed for bikers and opened for hunting.

Large open fields proceed to the property and the forest that connects to Lake Allatoona. The two creeks: Big Allatoona and Allatoona, merge as you approach the lake. Within the 1450 acres, there is a various wetland area, which is of much importance due to the diverse flora and fauna.

The Altoona Creek Park is the home of a wide range of wildlife, including birds of prey, ground-nesting birds, fox, bobcat, deer, other mammals, and reptiles. The park is managed to house all species of wildlife. It is vital to all the mountain bikers exploring this wild and adventurous to be very careful not to harm others, nature, or themselves while they bike along the trail.

Apart from the hunting season, the park is accessible to the public.

Bottom Line

Mountain biking in Georgia has helped many residents keep fit and embrace a healthy lifestyle. There is a wide range of breathtaking and scenic views around this area. If you are stuck and unsure where to explore, the trails will be worth your time and energy, as mentioned earlier.

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