10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in New Mexico

One of the mountain states in the Southwestern United States, New Mexico, is home to historic sites like Los Luceros and Fort Selden…

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One of the mountain states in the Southwestern United States, New Mexico, is home to historic sites like Los Luceros and Fort Selden, which enrich its history and heritage. It also boasts beautiful sceneries and landscapes, such as Carlsbad Caverns National Park, White Sands National Monument, Taos Pueblo, and more. Like its name, the mountain state, New Mexico, has wide expanses for bicycling opportunities, whether street or trail.Also known as a land of enchantments, New Mexico has high mountains, deserts, pinions, and Georgia O’Keefe sunsets, which get under your skin. The state has lovely and attractive sites, which beckon you back even when you leave. With laid-back vibes, clean air, spectacular food, and lovely memories, New Mexico is a sight to behold! Do you love mountain biking? Has it become a lifestyle for you? New Mexico is the place to be. You’ll work, experience nature in its true form, and have an adventure. Are you still having second thoughts? Pack up your bike and explore these trails in New Mexico!

1. South Boundary Trail

South Boundary Trail

©SantaFe Single TrackFrom Angel Fire to Taos, the trail traverses the boundary of Carson National Forest. Considered one of the best mountain bike trails in the state, South Boundary Trail has many smooth and soft high-alpine dirt. With numerous ways to ride this trail, you can decide to ride the whole distance and return to the start via a shuttle ride. Get ready for an all-day excursion riding through incredible mountain scenery.While the 25-mile trail is quite rocky and steep, an intermediate rider with the right gear can careen along, provided they have got stamina. You can take a tour around the ridges, valleys, conifer forest, and beautiful aspen groves also called Heaven on Earth. The flora is usually stunning in the fall. Starting at an elevation of 8,700 feet, the trail winds through Garcia Park and Paradise Park; you can have an extensive view of the Paradise.Riding on this trail path is quite interesting and epic. South Boundary Trail should be on every rider’s must-ride trails.

2. White Mesa Bike Trail

White Mesa Bike Trail

©jdnet.gr.jpWhite Mesa is characterized by a lovely view, unique trails, and remote surroundings. The trail has a meandering network of rocky boulders with smooth tracks complemented by exotic colors. An expert rider can quickly ride through this trail system in under an hour. The area can be relatively hot during the summer, so it’s best to ride this path during late fall, winter or spring. Besides being a mountain biking trail, White Mesa is also pegged as a paleontological site due to dinosaur bones present in the decayed rocks.The single-track route has a unique geology, wildlife, and a lovely display of deserts. Though the trail is predominantly for mountain biking, you can also hike or ride horses here. The White Mesa got its name from gypsum, which comprises the trail system. How can we not talk about the beautiful sinkhole above the trail which makes it so cool?Are you around the Albuquerque area? Do not miss this ride.

3. Angel Fire Resort

Angel Fire Resort

©Angel Fire ResortNew Mexico is home to one of the premier biking resorts in the world. Angel Fire Resort is termed the largest of the Rocky Mountains. Featuring both downhill and cross-country trails, the resort offers friendly paths for every rider, though it has rocky routes such as the signature jump trail Boulder Dash. Seasoned riders will enjoy riding through this path. During the summer, bikers can ride to the top of Agua Fria Peak. Relish the fantastic scenery and go munch on some snacks at the Summit Haus, then meander through the mountains and trees.If you’re a full-fledged rider with high gusts of adrenaline, cruise Angel Fire Resort then proceed to the Southern Boundary Trail for a great ride. This mountain biking destination features prominent tracks like Lower Boogie, Ziggy, and Sierra. One distinct element of this trail is the spectacular DeVinci’s Code — it is ranked among the most challenging tracks in the region. A demerit of this park is that it costs much, but it’s worth the while. From the great drops to single-track, with awesome jumps and cruising areas, Angel Fire Resort is every rider’s dream place.

4. Windsor Bike Trail

Windsor Bike Trail

©Single TracksPerfect for hiking and biking, Winsor Trail crisscrosses Tesuque Creek and Santa Fe, which is about 8.6 miles apart. Ideal for experienced riders and beginners, the highly trafficked trail is characterized by cool pine forests, lovely meadows, serpentine streams, and huge stumps. Due to its versatile features appealing to everyone, the place is popularly referred to as the Jewel of the National Park System. You can ride through from Ski Santa Fe, crossing downhill to the Creek while reliving the beautiful flora. Get ready to get your feet wet!Boasting single and double-track, the trail begins with a fast and slightly difficult terrain that finishes in a smoother path. Winsor Bike Trail is usually captivating during the summer and fall, with snow flurries seen at the mountain top. Feel the desert heat and bright sunshine pampering your skin at Tesuque. The expert bikers will find the Pacheco Canyon Road, the path that intersects the ski area and trail, an easy surmount. If you’re a fitness enthusiast and rugged rider, you’ll find this uphill an easy climb.

5. Perk Canyon Trail

Perk Canyon Trail

©Beer Bikes and CampfiresIdeal for all skill levels, this trail is a mix of fun, adventure, and twists. The beginning path is ridden with turns and bends but riding downhill is quite impressive. Loved by most tourists and locals, this trail will intrigue you. Enjoy the ambiance as you journey through the serene forests, the extensive meadows, and the stream. Relatively steep at the peak, but it’s worth the ride.If you’re lost, you can make a stop at the Smokey Bear ranger station to find your way. The three-hour hike starts at 7,200 feet and ends at 1.5 miles. You can view the panoramic images of Sierra Blanca, the Capitans, and Nogal Peak at the peak. The top of the trail makes a fine spot for a picnic. Perk Canyon Trail is single-tracked and easy to navigate.

6. Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

Having different lengths and difficulty levels, Cedar Creek makes a great biking trail for all riders. Situated close to the town, you would have to be careful, so you don’t get lost. There are signposts for instruction and guidance. Similar to a big bowl of spaghetti, the trails connect to form the main trail. Having a single-lane, the pines and aspens peak at 6,500 feet.

7. Gallup


©Durango Mountain Bike ToursThe small district of Gallup has managed to clinch a spot as one of the mountain biking trails in New Mexico. In a bid to promote tourism, High Desert Trail System was created in the northern part of the town. You can ride through the difficult terrain with a full-suspension bike. The High Desert Trail System welcomes cyclists and bikers from all over the United States for the annual Dawn to Dusk 12-hour MTB Race. Washed amidst the red rocks and juniper are rugged cliffs.Featuring 23 miles of fast tracks and three loops that a rider can take, the trail becomes more challenging with more short climbs and stiff slopings. Through the loops, you can ride to the awesome views of the First, Second, and Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. Gallup is the largest single-track in the region. The icy snow on the mountain gives it a stunning look — you can bend your way through the clay, slick rocks, and sandy dunes. With maps and signs, you can’t possibly get lost along the trails. Gallup isn’t just for biking; it’s home to McGaffey Lake Recreation Area, located southwest of town.There’s also a huge connection between logging tracks and Forest Service Roads that are 25 miles apart from the recreation center. Today, the trails have become easier to ply, all thanks to 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest and the Zuni Mountain 100.Furthermore, a local-trail advocacy group has increased the number and design of trail signs. Do you love adventure? Travel to McGaffey Lake and explore the Red Rock trails and sandstone.

8. “A” Mountain Loop Trail

“A” Mountain Loop Trail

©MTB ProjectSituated in the Southeastern part of the city, “A” Mountain Loop Trail got its name from the concealed rocks shining from the Tortugas mountains. The mountain is surrounded by a couple of sandy washes and rugged paths. It’s relatively gruesome for an intermediate or beginner rider to exercise on this path. You’re sure going to see jackrabbits trying to outrun you in between prickly pear cactus. Begin your trip from the interstate, take a turn to the Eastern region. You’ll likely encounter an uphill at the start.

9. Las Huertas Canyon

Las Huertas Canyon

©Trails OfforadSeasoned riders can easily take up this trail within a short while, but beginners will gradually get accustomed to it. You can begin your trip at either the top of Sandia Create or the cottonwood, which surrounds the Rio Grande. The 22-mile covers large footpaths and unpaved roads. At 5,700 feet, the trail is quite challenging though it can be divided into sections for an easy workout. There are different routes to Las Huertas Canyon.At the height of 5,000 feet, you can ride through bosque in the town of Bernalillo. Closeby is a parking lot and numerous restaurants where you can grab a bite. Eastward is Sandias, which traverses a village called Placitas. After the town, you will find an unpaved road, which leads to the Cibola National Forest boundary.If you make a stop at the border, you’ll be 6,100 feet and 10 miles from the parking lot. To the north of the canyon are prairie grasses and pinion. Moving upward, cool-weather ponderosa pine emerges. You might want to stop by Sandia Man Cave for an adventurous moment. Move to the West, and you’ll be seeing the lovely Rio Grande Valley and Mount Taylor. Take a walk further to the north and enjoy the fantastic sight of the Jemez Mountains. You might need some water bottles to keep you hydrated for the day trip.

10. Glade Run Mountain Bike Trails

Glade Run Mountain Bike Trails

©New Mexico Tourism DepartmentAmassing 19,000 acres of smooth rocks, sandy gorge and moving terrain, Glade Run bike trails seem like a perfect spot for weekend warriors. Are you looking for an extensive area of land for biking? Here it is! The open space makes it hot hence the need to stay hydrated often. Being motorable, you’ll need to watch out for other drivers. Vegetations you’ll likely see there include common grasses, junipers, and others.Popular for its Road Apple Rally held in 1981, this area is sectioned into marked trails for mountain bike riders and motorized trail bikes. The motorable zone is about 42 miles, while the mountain bike zone is situated in the restricted OHV part of the Glade. It has a recreation area, which is divided into two off-highway vehicle use zones. To the northern part of the Glade is a three-quarters region meant for controlled trail use.The southern end of the trail, which is about 3,800 acres, is used as an open OHV area. The smooth rocks and sandy creeks make hiking fun for cross-country enthusiasts. Are you going to the Glade Run mountain trails? Start from Farmington, take turns at Pinon Hills Boulevard, and head north to the main route. From the north, take 2 miles to the Glade entrance and open the OHV area.You can access the trail system from another route. From Pinon Hills, you can head north to College Boulevard. Move 1.2 miles away from Piedra Vista High School and Lions Wilderness Park, and you’re there! Glade Run Mountain Bike Trails is the oldest bike trail in the country.


Now you know the best 10 mountain biking trails in New Mexico. Which of them are you visiting soon? Regardless of your choice, ensure you go prepared. Take along some rain gear, first aid, and a repair kit. Are you riding a bike on the road or trail? Safety is paramount. Ride in a single line, avoid traffic both in front and behind you, adhere to instructions, and follow all safety precautions. Stay safe and have fun riding on trails.

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