The 13 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Nevada

The Nevada trails come with hand-crafted trails, which are well marked, perfect for both friend’s families and expert bikers looking for some adrenalin rush

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The Nevada trails come with hand-crafted trails, which are well marked, perfect for both friend’s families and expert bikers looking for some adrenalin rush on their more challenging trails.

Nevada comes with various open roads, untracked backcountry, and wild trails, which all come with different kinds of terrains, including asphalts trails, desert trails, smooth trails, and rocky Alpine Ridges. 

Nevada also comes with several mountain ranges that can all be explored.

If you are anywhere near Nevada and are interested in taking a biking trip on one of the trails, this is the article for you. We have the best trails you can visit when in Nevada, detailing the best ones for different skill levels.

1. The Marlette Flume Trail at Lake Tahoe

Marlette Flume Trail - AFAR

One of the best trails you will visit while in Nevada is the Marlette flume in Tahoe. This is due to the lakes’ backdrop on the trail that gives it a majestic and captivating view that sees many people travel from all over the world to come and experience it.

The Marlette Flume Trail is the kind that is a smooth ride with just enough obstacles thrown on it to make it a bit challenging. This means bikers of any kind can come here and enjoy a ride coupled with spectacular views.

You can get a free shuttle if you enter the Marlette Flume from the highway or ride through the forest. The real fun begins at the top of the hill, at least 8200 feet in elevation. You get to take in the Marlette lake views as you ride down the hill. You will also get to enjoy the Flume trail, with the route being carved into the side of the mountain.

2. Bootleg Canyon Trail, Boulder City

Bootleg Canyon Trail - Sonja Rogers Banz via Youtube
© Sonja Rogers Banz via Youtube

Considered one of the best mountain bike trails in the Nation, the Bootleg Canyon is just about an hour’s drive from the Las Vegas Strip.  Previously famed for bootlegged liquor, the area is now famous for its downhill and cross country trails, which see people visit all year round.

Helmets and protective gear are common on the Bootleg Canyon Trails, to show the kind of terrain you can expect. With names such as ‘Dominatrix,’ these trails will send a shiver down the spine of any beginner and entice and experts to conquer it.

You will also get some spectacular views from the top of the mountain, plus once you go down the slope, there is a shuttle service back up to the top. There are camping grounds available, too, meaning you can spend more than a day of exploration.  

The best time to visit is during the fall, and late spring as summer temperature may go way beyond 900.

3. The Zipper Trail

Zipper Trail - Ron P - MTB Project
© Ron P – MTB Project

You can find the zipper trail at the Spanish Sprigs in Nevada. The trail comes with some impressive views from the top of the climb, which will prove a bit challenging. The climb is quite steep and comes with switchbacks and rocky terrain. 

Get off the sparks boulevard on I-80, headed north, and follow the road up to the Spanish Springs Windmill.  Past the star crest sign, follow the BLM signs to the back of the park. Take the dirt road for at least half a mile and find the single-track.

One of the most interesting things about the Zipper trail is decent. It comes with steep drops and switchbacks, with the trail being made from rocks.  You can make it downhill in around ten minutes, depending on how good you are at biking.

4. Van Sickle Rim Trail Connector

Van Sickle Rim Trail Connector - overtheedgetahoe - Trailforks
© overtheedgetahoe – Trailforks

The Van Sickle Rim Trail Connector is an amazing trail worth checking out whenever you are in Nevada. It comes with amazing views as you ride through wooded areas to the top, where you can watch the lake through the treetops.

The trail is 13 kilometers and rated as moderate, meaning anyone can ride on the trail. It is also a friendly trail, where you can bring your family or pet along without fear of injury. Dogs traveling the trail are required to be on a leash at all times.

You can find some restrooms along the trail with ample parking at the base. Reaching the Van Sickle Trail Connector, you will have to go through the heavenly village through the lake way. The park is accessible all year round, with the best times being after winter when spring is just setting in.

5. Tunnel Creek Trail

Tunnel Creek Trail - Robin Penning
© Robin Penning

This is an 11.3-kilometer trail near the Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Nevada. It is one of Nevada’s popular trails, one where you will often find people exploring ad having a fun time.

Although it’s called ‘Tunnel Creek,’ it does not have any tunnels. The name came from the streamflow, which does not visibly flow, and will leave stretches of dry creek bed.

The trail comes with amazing views, which will see you watch a beautiful sunset over a lake from the top of a hill over a canopy of trees.  The trail is available for visitors all year round camping. Dogs are also allowed at the trails but must be on a leash always.

To get there, you will drive through the US-101 for 1.5 – miles and turn right on to Penny Creek Road. Drive for at least 1.4 miles up to where the paved road ends. Here take a left for 1.3 miles to the point it becomes a forest road. Continue for at least 1.3 more miles to the Tunnel Creek Trailhead.

The Tunnel Creek Trail comes with a lake where you can make a stopover and enjoy the scenery after the lake is an incline which, if you take, will see you view the Eastern Cliffs and Snowfields of Mount Constance.

6. Upper Bristlecone Trail

Upper Bristlecone Trail - Markk Knowles
© Markk Knowles

Before you reach the upper slopes full of Bristlecone Spines, you will first have to go through a forested area and climb the rugged trail to the top. There are numerous places you can stop and enjoy the beauty the trail has to offer. 

Take the time to check out the Lee Canyon Ski Slopes, where you will see wild horses grazing.

The trail is 7.4 kilometers long, found on one of the back rails near Las Vegas. It is moderate, meaning anyone between beginners and experts can ride on it. You can access the trail between March and November, with dogs allowed on condition they are constantly on a leash.

Mt. Charleston is home to the unique and endangered blue butterfly, with the trail fenced at certain areas to help protect them. There is also a seasonal creek, which can be accessed during spring. Also, expect some fantastic views of the Mummy Mountains and large Bristlecone Pines as you after riding through the forest and rocky terrains.

7. Spooner Lake Trail

Spooner Lake Trail - Lance Buck
© Lance Buck

Spooner lake trail can be found near Glenbrook, Nevada, and features a 4-kilometer trail great for any skill-level biker. The Spooner backcountry is a beautiful area full of natural beauty that includes a natural oasis, forests, and a lake surrounded by the Aspen.

There are a couple of activities you can indulge in while here, with mountain biking being at the top of the list. Enjoy the beautiful view as you ride through the Spooner lake trail, and take a minute or two to take in the relaxing atmosphere near the lake.

Spooner lake trail allows visitors to come with their pets as long as they are kept on a leash 

The facility allows camping at the site, with campgrounds in three different places, the Marlette peak, the Hobart, and the North canyon. 

8. The Blue Diamond Loop Trail

Blue Diamond Loop Trail - caren villaroman
© caren villaroman

The diamond loop is what every intermediate and expert biker would love, from the gentle terrain to certain challenging points with moderate climbs and descents. The trail is at least 10-miles long, a ride that will take an hour or more to go through.

You can get a great view of the Red Rock Cliffs to the west and mountain ranges to the north.  There are several wild animals you may also meet on the trails, including bird’s lizards, etc

You might find some confusing trails, but there is little danger of getting lost, with views of the highways on all sides and Las Vegas at a small distance away.

9. Peavine Trail System

Peavine Trail System - caren villaroman
© caren villaroman

If you are ever in Reno and are looking to get into some dirt riding your bike among one of the awesome trails, take a peek at the Peavine trails.

You can get a wholesome view of the City and several trails, all available for exploring. The trails come with switchbacks to provide some challenge for the more experienced rider.

The trail comes with different topography, which increases the challenge of riding through the whole trail. Be prepared to encounter some jumps, steep climbs, banked turns, and rock gardens.  The trail is best suited for intermediate to expert bikers.

It is maintained by the Humboldt- Toiyobe National Forest, who have over the years increased the number of trails and worked on each to make it more challenging and interesting for riders.

10. Clear Creek Canyon Trail

Clear Creek Canyon Trail - Great Basin Bicycles
© Great Basin Bicycles

The Clear Creek Canyon Trail is considered an intermediate level difficulty, located in Carson City, Nevada. The trail is about 10-miles long made of a single track, with most bikers preferring to treat it as a loop, all the way back, making it 20 – miles.

The trail will start near the Jacks Valley Elementary and go to the Southwest of 50/ Tahoe Gold Drive.  You will gradually climb at least 100 feet, with mixed sections involving slopes and flat areas.

Apart from starting at the Jacks Valley Elementary, you can also start half a mile west, where the trail will intersect with the road. If you are looking for an adventure and are at an intermediate to expert level, this trail is for you. 

11. Sierra Canyon Trail

Sierra Canyon Trail - Ridetothehills
© Ridetothehills

Located in Genoa, Nevada, the Sierra trail is among the most popular trails in the State. The trail is a 10 – mile ride, with an expertly made trail. Expect some steep climbs, switchbacks, and a roller-coaster descent that will see your nerves tremble a bit.

Expect to encounter several obstacles along the trail, including skinnies, rocks, drop-offs, roots, and jumps.

The Sierra Canyon Trail comes with a backdrop of one of the best scenic sites made of the Genoa wilderness. You can view the canopy of trees from high up and sunflower fields, mainly during spring.  You will enjoy the shade as you bike along, especially during summer when the sun can be scorching.

12. Flume Trail

Flume Trail - ositoking
© ositoking

The flume trail can be located near Carson City, Nevada. It is a 14-mile loop perfect for intermediate and beginner bikers.  The trail is gentle and flat with twists and turns, making it more interesting, especially because it runs on the side of a mountain as it slowly slopes down.

The trail goes up to 7900 feet above sea level, meaning if you fear heights, this may not be the best trail for you. However, the scenic views as you go up and down the mountain are amazing and increasingly popular for the rest of us.

The trail may be gentle and flat, but you should keep alert for such things as roots, rocks, and some switchbacks.

You can access the flume trail through the North Canyon Road located near Spooner Lake State Park.

13. The Dead Horse Loop

Dead Horse Loop - Moab Utah
© Moab Utah

The Dead Horse Loop is one of Utah’s most popular State Parks. It comes with a view from the Dead Point, which is one of the best places to take a photo in the world. This is a point at least 2000 – feet above the Colorado River, which provides a beautiful view of the Canyonlands. Thanks to Centuries of geologic activity in the area, left is a majestic and breathtaking view from the Dead Horse Point.

The Dead Horse Loop comes with various trails,  pet-friendly, the perfect –place to bring your friends and family. There are paved trails to make it easier for visitors to reach the scenic pits along the trail.

The trails are around 6.1kilometers in length with moderate traffic, with some wildlife here and there that may come across your path as you ride along. The trails can accommodate anyone from beginner to expert riders.

You will take the path towards the station’s parking area at the junction of 159 and 160.  The length is at least 6 – miles before you reach the parking lot. You can access the junction from Blue Diamond Road or Las Vegas along 160.


Always remember safety first! Meaning you have to take all precautions to ensure reduced chances of injuries.  Nevada is a huge state, and you will need to take your time to enjoy at least half the trails in the State.

Remember to follow the maps, and ensure you adhere to all the rules. 

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