Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes With Ramp (Reviewed)

Electric bicycles are an excellent solution for getting around town. They’re also great to take with you on the road, whether on a road

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Electric bicycles are an excellent solution for getting around town. They’re also great to take with you on the road, whether on a road trip or on your local trails. However, e-bikes have a limited range; depending on the quality of your e-bike’s battery, that range can be between 20 and 50 miles.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to take your e-bike on a road trip or down some of your local trails, you don’t want to waste most of your e-bike battery getting to your destination. To solve this issue, you’ll need a bicycle rack for your car to transport your e-bike to the destination. So now you might be wondering what some good bike racks for e-bikes are.

Thankfully, there’s not a shortage of bicycle racks on the market. In fact, there are too many different kinds to count. However, the vast majority of bicycle racks are suited to carry traditional bicycles instead of e-bikes. This is because e-bikes weigh two to three times more than traditional pedal bikes.

But, some heavy-duty bike racks are strong enough to support the weight of an e-bike, and we have made a list of the best bike racks for electric bicycles.

  • Thule T2 Pro XT
  • RockyMounts BackStage
  • Saris Superclamp Ex 2
  • Yakima StageTwo
  • VelociRax

Each of the bike racks on this list has a high weight limit for both individual bikes and as a whole. These bike racks are also easy to use and come with additional features like fail-safe measures and ramps.

As you continue to read this article, we will discuss important features you need to look for when shopping for bike racks for your e-bike. Then we will discuss the different bicycle racks and why we decided only to include hitch-mounted racks. Moreover, we will provide a table to help you find the right-sized hitch for your vehicle. Finally, we will provide links and a brief description of the bike racks on our list.

Bike Rack Weight Capacity is the Most Important Feature

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When shopping for a bike rack to accommodate your e-bike, the most crucial factor you need to consider is the maximum weight capacity. This is because e-bikes are extremely heavy when compared to traditional bicycles. For example, the average weight of a traditional bicycle is around 20 pounds, but the average weight for an e-bike is around 40 to 60 pounds. 

As you can see, your average e-bike can weigh up to three times more than a traditional bicycle, and some e-bike models can weigh up to 90 pounds. So while you can find plenty of lightweight e-bike models, most of them are still going to be heavier than a traditional bicycle. This is why the weight capacity of a bicycle rack is so essential. 

There are two weight limits for bike racks you need to know about. The first weight limit is the maximum load the bike back can carry. The second weight limit is the maximum weight that each bicycle on the bike rack can be without damaging the rack. Exceeding these limits can cause damage to the bike rack, your vehicle, and/or your e-bikes.

Different Types of Bicycle Racks

There are three different types of bike racks: roof racks, trunk-mounted racks, and hitch-mounted racks. The first two bike racks are generally unsuitable for e-bikes due to their extra weight. However, hitch-mounted racks offer the broadest range of high-weight-capacity racks and are much easier to use. 

Why We Don’t Recommend Roof Racks

As the name applies, roof racks are bicycle racks mounted to your vehicle’s roof. It’s already difficult enough to hoist a 20 to 25-pound bicycle to the roof of your vehicle. Now imagine adding an additional 20 to 40 pounds. For this reason alone, we don’t recommend mounting your e-bikes on a roof rack. 

Why We Don’t Recommend Trunk-Mounted Racks

Trunk-mounted racks mount to the trunk or rear hatch of your SUV or car. These types of racks are generally limited to a low weight limit of 35 pounds per bicycle. Also, trunk-mounted racks also require a decent amount of lifting to get your bicycle onto the rack, although not as much as a roof rack. For these reasons, we don’t recommend using a trunk-mounted rack for your e-bikes. 

However, trunk-mounted racks are much cheaper than hitch-mounted or roof-mounted racks and can be used to haul some lightweight e-bikes. 

Why Hitch-Mounted Racks are the Best for Electric Bicycles

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Hitch-mounted racks are mounted on the hitch of your truck, SUV, or car at the rear of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a bike rack for your e-bike, we highly recommend you look into purchasing a hitch-mounted rack. There are several reasons why we believe hitch-mounted racks are the best for e-bikes:

  • Hitch-mounted racks have the highest maximum weight capacity out of the three types of bicycle racks.
  • Hitch-mounted racks are more flexible and can come with additional accessories, making mounting and dismounting your e-bikes much easier.
  • Hitch-mounted racks offer the broadest range of rack sizes that will accommodate a wide variety of bicycle wheels and frames.

Different Hitch Sizes and Which One is Best for Me

Hitches are generally custom fit to every vehicle that require mounting tabs to be welded in specific locations. Unfortunately, this means if you have an old hitch lying around in your garage or storage unit, there’s a good chance it won’t fit your new car.

Having said that, if you’re looking to purchase a bike rack for your e-bike, you’ll need to have a hitch on your vehicle. If you don’t have a hitch, you’ll need to purchase a new one and have it installed, which will usually run you about $200 to $600.

There are five different types of hitches that are separated into five different classes. Below we will have a table containing useful information like gross trailer weight and tongue weight. Gross trailer weight, or GTW, refers to the entire weight of the trailer and its maximum load. Tongue weight, or TW, refers to the vertical weight applied to the hitch joint. 

Because we’re talking about hitch-mounted bike racks, the tongue weight is more important than the gross trailer weight. This is because the entire weight of the hitch-mounted bike rack and the bicycles loaded onto the rack are positioned directly above, or very close to, the hitch joint.

Hitch ClassReceiver Tube SizeMaximum Gross Trailer Weight (GTW)Maximum Tongue Weight (TW)Class I Hitch1 ¼ Inch2,000-pound maximum200-pound maximumClass II Hitch1 ¼ Inch3,500-pound maximum350-pound maximumClass III Hitch2 Inches8,000-pound maximum800-pound maximumClass IV Hitch2 Inches10,000-pound maximum1,000-pound maximumClass V Hitch2 ½ Inches20,000-pound maximum2,000-pound maximum

If you’re looking for a new hitch to put on your vehicle strictly for a hitch-mounted bicycle rack, then your best options are class II and class III hitches. However, we recommend a class III hitch because the vast majority of hitch-mounted bike racks require a two-inch receiver tube to be mounted on your vehicle. Class III hitches have a slightly higher tongue weight which is nice to have due to the extra weight of electric bicycles. 

Best Bike Racks for Electric Bicycles

Now that you know why hitch-mounted bike racks are the best choice for e-bikes, we can get into our list of the best bike racks for e-bikes. All of the bike racks on this list have the same criteria:

  • High maximum weight allowed per bicycle
  • High maximum weight capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Great security features
  • Additional features like locking mechanisms, ramps, and fail-safe measures

Thule T2 Pro XT – $899.99


Thule has been manufacturing bike racks for what feels like forever. Thule is a Swedish manufacturer that has a fantastic reputation for its high-quality bicycle racks that are known to last for years, and the T2 Pro XT is a fantastic example of that.

The T2 Pro XT is a heavy-duty bicycle rack that provides a ton of room between each bicycle you secure to it. This bike rack can support up to four bicycles if you purchase the expansion. It also supports wheels up to five inches wide and has an integrated cable lock to secure the rack to the receiver tube. One of the best features we love to see on hitch-mounted bike racks is the ability to tilt away from your vehicle so you can access your car’s rear hatch, and the T2 Pro XT comes with it. Finally, this bike rack has a ramp that’ll help you mount and dismount your e-bikes without lifting their heavy frames.

  • Maximum Bicycle Weight: 60 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 pounds (240 with extension)
  • Rack Weight: 52 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

RockyMounts BackStage – $769.95


RockyMounts is based in Colorado and has been manufacturing bike racks since 1993, and its reputation for high-quality bike racks is its top priority. The BackStage is one of their top-selling hitch-mounted bike racks, and for a good reason. We previously talked about how we love having a bike rack that tilts so you can access your rear hatch. But the BackStage takes this feature to a new level by allowing you to move the entire hitch and the bicycles attached to it out of the way and to the side of your vehicle. 

But that’s not all. This bike rack supports five-inch wide fat tires and up to 29-inch rims, which makes this bike rack perfect for nearly every e-bike we can think of. However, the biggest downside to this bike rack is its small maximum weight capacity. But it’s an excellent choice for those who only have one electric bicycle. 

  • Maximum Bicycle Weight: 60 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 pounds
  • Rack Weight: 59 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Saris Superclamp Ex 2 – $580.00


The Superclamp Ex 2 is produced by Saris and is their take on a small and lightweight hitch that’s still heavy-duty enough to carry a heavy load. Of course, most cars you see on the road with a hitch-mounted bicycle rack will have one that’s small and lightweight. But most of these hitches are designed to carry traditional bicycles and do not have the weight capacity to secure an e-bike to the hitch. 

However, if you’re looking for a hitch rack that requires a 1¼-inch hitch that will support two e-bikes, then the Superclamp Ex 2 is the pick for you. This hitch comes with a ramp and can tilt away from your vehicle to give you access to your rear latch as well. 

  • Maximum Bicycle Weight: 60 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 pounds
  • Rack Weight: 35 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Yakima StageTwo – $848.95

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The Yakima StageTwo is one of the newest bike racks on our list and is packed with features. This bike rack is extremely easy to use and is perfect for e-bikes. The StageTwo comes with a ramp, locking features to keep your bicycles secured, and integrated tail lights to give you enhanced visibility when driving at night. This bike rack supports fat tires up to 5 inches wide while also supporting rims that are 29 inches tall. Also, this bike rack will tilt away from your rear hatch to give you easy access, and it comes with a wheel strap that will hang out of the way when you mount your bicycle. 

  • Maximum Bicycle Weight: 60 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 pounds
  • Rack Weight: 52 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

VelociRax – $799.00 to $985.00

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Another new addition to the bicycle rack game is the VelociRax. What sets this bike rack apart from the rest is that it hangs the bicycles vertically rather than supporting them horizontally. Also, this bicycle rack will lower itself to the ground instead of a ramp with its damper-assisted hinges to help you mount and dismount your bicycles. 

The VelociRax comes in two sizes which can hold three to seven bicycles, depending on your version. This means you can take the whole family out on the trails. Just be sure that all your e-bikes are lightweight and you’re good to go. 

  • Maximum Bicycle Weight: 55 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 230 pounds
  • Rack Weight: 50 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Final Thoughts

If you own an e-bike and plan on going down some of your local trails or if you want to take your e-bike with you on road trips, then you will need to invest in a bike rack. The best type of bike rack for transporting e-bikes is a hitch-mounted rack. Hitch-mounted bike racks offer the broadest range of bike racks that can support the increased weight of an e-bike while also coming with additional features like a ramp to make dismounting and mounting much easier. We hope our guide to bike racks for e-bikes has provided you with the knowledge you need to find the right bike rack for you.

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