Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $2000

Going for a ride on a bike you put time and effort into tweaking to your specific needs to enjoy the ultimate test is

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Going for a ride on a bike you put time and effort into tweaking to your specific needs to enjoy the ultimate test is a rewarding and sometimes intoxicating experience. Whether it be the supreme control you have utilizing a bike that can handle more elaborate trails or trusting that your bike is less likely to come back and harm you when navigating bumpy trails, suspension mountain bikes are a fantastic investment, but not breaking the bank to have this experience is invaluable too.

While some people have the luxury of throwing seemingly endless amounts of money at the things they are passionate about, most of us don’t. To that end, we’ll be going over the six best mountain bikes you can obtain at a price that is worth the cost.

What Are the Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $2000?

There are multiple full suspension mountain bikes, but some are better than others. It is extremely important to find the one that is best suited for you, however. For example, consider these if you have a different weight or height than someone next to you. However, go to your local dealer for more information when in doubt.


1. eAhora Juliet 60Ah Long Range Electric Bike

The Juliet brings a few unique things to the table. First and foremost, this little number is electric, meaning you’ll be reaching speeds you aren’t entirely used to. You can traverse areas with a little more finesse than you are accustomed to.

Either way, this model features full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes that ensure your impacts are soft and your stops are smooth. It has a built-in front headlight so you know where you are going, and if you decide to take it on the road, other travelers will know where you are because safety is paramount on any adventure. This bike comes out to anywhere between $1,799 and $1,999, depending on your chosen color.


2. PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike

Puckipuppy takes the same features the Juliet had and places them on a more modern and sleek design while lacking the larger front light. You get the same full suspension system and hydraulic brake options as the former offer.

More importantly, the bike is 85% installed and backed with strong customer service to help make putting the finishing touches on your bike a breeze. This bad boy pushes 30 MPH at top speed and includes a helmet, phone holder, hand air pump and a few other niceties in a custom care package that comes with your purchase, and the bike itself settles in at $1,599.99.


3. Leonx Electric Bike

If pricing was one of the biggest things holding you back from getting a full suspension mountain bike, then the Leonx has you covered. This baby rings in at $1,399.00.

The Leonx electric mountain bike has a lot of bells and whistles that competitors lack. For example, it has an innovative triple sensor built in that will help you have more control over more challenging terrain.

It also has a motor that maxes out at roughly 28 mph, meaning you’ll get speed, safety, and reliability going with this model. This bike also features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to guarantee you stop when needed.


4. Marin Rift Zone 1 27.5 Bike

Straying away from electric bikes, the Marin Rift Zone keeps things traditional with a strong design and an emphasis on what truly matters—a strong frame with MultiTrac suspension and Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes for supreme stopping power.

When writing this article, the bike only comes in green and orange. Still, the bike is absolutely geared to the teeth for your riding pleasure. Jenson is a brand made in the USA with plenty of reviews on all of their products supporting their dedication to quality, and with the bike itself only costing $1,249.94, you just can’t beat it.


5. Specialized Rockhopper Expert 29

The Rockhopper is a tad more expensive than the Rift Zone. However, it offers a few things it doesn’t for the price, as it costs $1,400.00. The Rockhopper comes in three colors, which may not be necessary for everyone, but the expression counts for something. This is the fact that this bike has accumulated 30 years of design and effort put into this little wonder, and it shows.

The bike itself looks sleek but isn’t sacrificing anything fundamentally. It comes with a strong aluminum frame and the ability to endure even the most treacherous terrain.

The Rockhopper will keep you upright and steady with its incredibly balanced suspension system, and tubeless-ready rims will allow you to be ready for anything the course can throw at you. The bike comes in several sizes, so your whole family can get in on the action.


6. Salsa Timberjack SLX 29

Hands down the most expensive traditional mountain bike on the list, the TimberJack by Salsa isn’t keeping its prices spicy for no reason. This bike looks fantastic and has the features to match, with everything from built-in frame protection to keep your bike from taking the hits for you to additional storage space for those longer rides.

The Timberjack’s 130mm suspension fork will eat everything you can throw at it and more. With alternator dropouts for customizing your ride on the fly and everything fitted onto an aluminum frame, you can’t go wrong here, and the bike rests confidently on a price range of $1,849.00.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Before diving into what makes each bike better than the other, it’s worth knowing the essential features that set each one apart: the price is significant.

For example, the more expensive the bike is, the more features it may have. Something else to consider is cosmetics, which may vary in price, too. However, the most critical aspect of a full suspension mountain bike is its ability to handle rough terrain.


In almost every scenario, a full suspension mountain bike looks more stylish and rugged than a traditional bike. To that end, you’ll be enjoying something that looks good.

Still, even more than that, these bikes are crafted to have a lot of utility, ranging from holding things to absorbing impact and handling slopes. Lastly, these bikes are functioning pieces of art that are highly customizable to your body or course’s needs. As such, they should be enjoyed to the fullest in these endeavors.


While full suspension mountain bikes look sleeker than normal ones and can handle more diverse tracks and areas, they aren’t suited to normal roads. While you can ride them casually, you’ll put in more effort than needed or invest more for no reason.

These bikes are intricate, so if this is your first rodeo, you may want to speak with a specialist to get a feel for what you need so you don’t buy something you won’t utilize to its fullest potential. This is even more valid if you do not intend to go on rough terrain.

Can You Use a Full Suspension Mountain Bike on the Road?

You can use a mountain bike on the road, but the tires and suspension will make the ride less enjoyable or more harsh than it should be. The additional tread on your tires can cause you to become unstable and get into an accident under the right circumstances, so preparation is critical.

Is a Full Suspension Bike Good for Long Ride?

Yes, a full suspension bike is good for long rides. To a lesser extent, that is why most people invest in full suspension bikes. These bikes make for a longer riding time, more arduous and complicated roads all the more comfortable to navigate. The entire point of these bikes is to help ease the impacts of the courses and trails and allow you to enjoy getting to your destination with less strain on your bike and your body.

Are Full Suspension Bikes Good for Trail Riding?

While they may be overkill on certain occasions, they will arise to meet any needs you can have on a casual trail-riding adventure. With some full suspension bikes offering additional space to hold more things, you can enjoy yourself on the trail.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a full suspension mountain bike may seem like a steep cost upfront. However, the grand journeys and experiences you will have throughout your bike’s lifetime (as well as yours) will more than make for the initial investment! More importantly, it is a way to integrate a healthy lifestyle with a worthy hobby. You’ll also consistently see more and more of the world, which will grant you a better perspective on life and an appreciation for the great outdoors.

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