How Much Does A Gas Motor Bicycle Kit Cost? (10 Examples)

Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by the bikes with the tiny little motors on them. To me, it seemed like so much fun. Gas bike motors are really a great way to get around on a budget. But how much does one actually cost? In this article, I’ll give 10 examples of Gas bike motor costs.

Gas-powered Bicycle Motor kits range in price from $120-$400. The range of price is due to the quality of the engine kits, 2-stroke vs 4-stroke kits and overall power of the engine.

Down below are 10 examples of gas-powered bike motors with their specifications and price.

Note: On the models that are listed as a 66/80cc, the variance is due to the fact that the engines are made in China and measured as 80cc. Then once they are shipped to the US, they are remeasured and found to actually be a 66cc.

Also that there are recommended bike frame sizes for each kit. Be aware that some kits may not fit your frame. A simple solution to that is to buy a kit that comes with a bike. I didn’t add any of those kits to this review, but they are out there.

I have them listed out in order from lowest to highest price.

1. Silver Slant 66cc/80cc Engine Kit

The Silver Slant 66c is a cool little kit that is a great starter engine for anyone who is just entering into the world of motorized bikes.

Yeah, it is small, but honestly, the price is right. Bot only the price, but this engine is one of the easier to set up. As the kits get larger, the assembly gets a little bit harder.


Size: Average size. The lower end of the power scale.

Weight: About 20 lbs

Speed: 25-35 MPH

Engine: 2 Stroke/66-80cc

Dimensions: Fits most 24″-26″ bike frames with 25mm-29mm frame tubes

Fuel Ratio: 20-25:1 (Gas:oil)

Start: “Bump Start” Hold clutch, pedal quickly, release the clutch, engages the engine.

Installation time: 2-3 hrs (if you know what you are doing)

Price: $119.00

A buck twenty for a sweet little ride? Sign me up!

2. Goplus 80cc Bike Motor Kit

GoPlus is a good starter kit, again not too pricey. Another pro for this kit is it is sold through Amazon. Amazon is a great option simply because of its return policy.

Especially when you are buying stuff online, its good to be able to return if you need to.


Size: Small-Average

Weight: 24.7 lbs

Speed: 20-30 MPH

Engine: Single Cylinder, 2 stroke (80cc) Engine

Dimensions: Fits most bikes with a v-style frame

Installation Time: 2-3 Hours

Price: $125-$130

3. 66/80cc Mega Motors Bike Engine Kit

This engine is similar in specifications to the others I have talked about but, this one is 2.75 horsepower. Just a little bit stronger and faster


Size: Average

Weight: 20-22 Lbs

Speed: 25-40 Mph

Engine: 2-Stroke, 2.75 HP

Dimensions: Fits most 26″ V style Bike frames with 25mm-29mm frame tubes.

Installation Time: 2-3 Hours. The kit includes a step by step installation dvd.

Price: $140.00

One thing to note with this kit: The universal mounting brackets are not included in the kit. You can find them on the same web page but at an extra cost.

4. TDPRO Upgraded 80cc Bike Engine Kit

The TDPRO is your run of the mill, bike engine kit. It does just as well as some of the others, but one of the main differences is in the assembly.

They claim that building the kit has never been easier. That claim is echoed by the customers who have purchased this kit, they have all been really happy with it.

And again, its amazon, so if there is a problem, ship it back.


Size: Average

Speed: 30-38 MPH

Engine: 80cc 2-Stroke

Dimensions: Compatible with 26″ Bike frames.

Fuel: Gas oil mixture

Start: Bump start

Installation Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $165.00

5. BBR Tuning Racing Series 66/80cc Engine Kit

Taking this BBR out for a spin makes you feel like you could ride forever. I’m that guy who is really interested in motorcycles and this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to owning one.

You can reach up to 40 miles an hour. I’m on the hefty side, so unless I’m on a good downhill slope, you won’t find me hitting forty. But some of you lightweights probably can.


Size: Average

Speed: 25-40 MPH

Engine: 2-stroke, 80 cc

Dimensions: Fits most 26″ Bike frames

Fuel Economy: 100-125 mpg

Start: Bump Start

Installation Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $210.00

6. GT7 Pro Racing 66/80cc Bike Engine Kit

The spec that impresses me on this model is the mileage. I would love to ride this thing to work, man I would fill up like once a month!

I do have to admit that I probably would ride it pretty hard and have to fill up more frequently, but still!


Size: Average

Weight: 24 Lbs

Speed: 25-35 MPH

Engine: 2-Stroke, 66cc

Dimensions: Fits most 26″ Bike Frames

Fuel Economy: 100-150 Mpg

Start: Bump Start

Installation Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $220.00

7. Ghost Racer 7G Bike Engine Kit

These last few are some of my favorites, yes its because they are bigger. This is the first 4-stroke engine that I’ve reviewed, it seems pretty awesome. All of the 4-stroke setups I have looked at say it will take a lot longer to put this kit together.

The 4-stroke kits are a little more difficult, but 100% worth the time.


Size: Large

Weight: 24-25 lbs

Speed: 35-50 mph

Engine: 49cc, 4-stroke

Dimensions: Use a 26″ bike frame for this engine.

Fuel: Strait Gasoline

Start: Recoil starter. (similar to a lawn-mower)

Installation Time: 5-6 hrs

Price: $289.00

8. Monster 79cc Bike Engine Kit

This is a good choice is you are wanting something just a little bit above average. 79cc’s with a little extra oomph.

You will want to take into consideration the crank set up. Since this engine is bigger and bulkier, If you pedal with your normal set up, you will hit the engine block.

Yeah, it’s maybe annoying, but aren’t you putting an engine on your bike so you don’t have to pedal anymore?


Size: Large

Weight: 24-25 lbs

Speed: 35-50 mph

Engine: 4-stroke, 79cc

Dimensions: Fits most 26-inch bike frames

Fuel Ratio: Strait Gasoline (no mix)

Start: Recoil starter

Installation Time: 5-6 hours

Price: $300.00

9. GT80 66cc Racing Bike Engine Kit

This is back to the 2-stroke set up, but it is closer to the top because it is part of a racing series. This 2-stroke, 66cc engine is a whopping 4.5 horsepower. You will get fantastic acceleration out of this model.

Its top speed isn’t something to brag about, but at least you will be able to hit the top speed quickly.


Size: Large

Weight 20-23 lbs

Speed 25-35 mph

Engine 66cc, 2-stroke

Dimensions: Use with a 26-inch bike frame

Fuel Ratio: Gas/oil mix

Start: Bump Start

Installation Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $339.00

10. 212cc Death Row Bike Engine Kit

I’ll be really honest here, this is my favorite model. If I could choose a new engine to put on my bike, it would be this one. The death row kit is pretty hefty, weighing almost 40 lbs!

After you put this on your bike you won’t ever want to pedal again. This kit is just a monster. 212ccs! I’m a big fan.

Out of all the kits, this is by far the most pricey, but look at the specs! It is obvious it’s a lot better than all the others.

Just be prepared for some tough assembly AND note that they suggest mounting this kit on a 29″ bike frame, not the normal 26″


Size: XL

Weight: 37.5 lbs

Speed: 40-50 mph

Engine: 212cc, 4-stroke

Dimensions: You’ll need a 29-inch frame for this project. It may work on a 26″ but its best to use the 29″.

Fuel Ratio: Strait Gasoline

Start: Recoil Start

Installation Time: 5-6 Hours

Price: $379.00

Overall, each one of these models has a desirable quality. It’s tough to know which one is best for you. I always suggest to start out with a beginner package and then work up to a larger, more complex set up.

That way you’ll really be able to know how invested you want to be in these projects.

Good luck with the assembly and happy riding!

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