How to Track Cycling With Fitbit

If you love walking or running you must have heard about Fitbit. What you probably do not know is that it can also be used for track biking. Undeniably, Fitbit is among the biggest names in the smart technology world. The main aim of this wearable technology is to promote a healthier lifestyle.

So, can you track cycling with Fitbit? Yes, you can use Fitbit to track cycling. However, the way it works for cycling is quite different from how it works when you are walking. At the very least, everyone knows that Fitbit tracks steps. What’s more, it is very helpful in cycling as it strives to maintain and meet the needs of a society that fits a health-driven society.

They are efficient in monitoring one’s health and giving updates on the progress one make every day. Fitbit devices are becoming popular by the day and fitness enthusiasts all over the world are using them.

In this article, we will look at how Fitbit works in tracking cycling activities. Keep reading for deeper insight.

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Tracking Cycling with Fitbit

Fitbit keeps a record of the steps that you take as you cycle. However, this is not the main concern, as it offers a myriad of other features as you cycle. Some of the gadgets have in-built GPS that helps you to bike in best and least congested routes. Moreover, you can record the distance covered and your cycling rate. If you do not feel like carrying your phone, you can get a model that has fully integrated GPS.

Several functions will suit your needs. If you are doing indoor/stationary cycling, Fitbit will track your movements. Additionally, you will be able to track your workout duration, burned calories, average speed, distance covered, and heart rate.

Benefits of Fitbit

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You get several benefits when you track your bike ride using Fitbit. You can be able to store, and later view the all the details of your biking routine from your mobile phone. Below are some Fitbit benefits that you stand to gain.

1.       Count Burned Calories

Fitbit will count the amount of calories that you burn while you are cycling. You will count the calories amount with respect to biking information and BMR records.

2.       Stay Connected

Some Fitbit devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will allow you to receive text messages, incoming calls, and emails without looking at your phone. You will stay connected without having a look at your phone.

3.       Checks the Heart Rate

It is important to monitor your heart rate and Fitbit is one of the best devices for bikers. It will keep you up to date on the health of your heart. You will be able to record both the relaxed heart rate and workout rates.

While you are doing moderate physical activities your target heart rate should be 50 -70% of the maximum heart rate while vigorous workouts should be at 80% of your maximum heart rate. Fitbit will detect any changes that may occur to your heart rate.

4.       Encourages Healthy Eating

It is very important that you keep a healthy diet as you work out. By keeping track of water and food intake, it will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5.       Tracks Distance

As you cycle, the device will simultaneously record data of the distance you have covered. Tracking your steps is a sure way of motivating you to do more. You will increase your physical exercise and the amount of time you take riding your bike.

Utilizing the fitness tracker means, you will be able to set goals against yourself. This is great as you increase the number of steps you take every day. You will look at your progress over time and realize that you are really improving.

6.       It Has a GPS

If you are one of the cyclists who are particular about the biking routes to use, the GPS function will help you out. Some of the devices have a fully integrated GPS function you will not need a mobile phone to view the tracked data.

7.       Tracks Sleep

Fitbit has the ability to track your sleeping patterns. It will inform you of how you slept and the time you woke up. When you know your sleeping patterns, you will be able to sleep better and improve your moods the following day.

8.       Ensures you Never Forget

Sitting down for a long time can be detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, in today’s world that is what most jobs entail. You will have minimal movement while you are at your workstation.

Having a smart watch around your wrist will send you signals and remind you that it is time to move around. This is important, as it is easy to forget, especially if you have a desk job. You will increase the steps you make per day and ensure you reach your goal.

Additionally, getting away from the computer’s monitor will give your eyes the much-needed break. You just have to move for a few minutes and once you do it, you will like a new person.

9.       Motivates

Yes, once you have a fitness tracker it will motivate you to cycle more regularly. Regular cycling has positive effects on your general health and fitness. Study shows that those who have regular exercises have lower risk of lifestyle diseases than those who do not exercise.

10.   Monitors your Temperature

Working out will affect your body temperatures in different ways. The best way to go about it is to make sure is that you keep it at the required level. The ability to monitor your body’s temperature will make sure you are comfortable and productive.

While working out, your respiration process increases and you end up producing more energy that is why you heat up. By maintaining your body temperature at the required levels, you are able to work out in a safe way. Using Fitbit products to track your temperature is a great way to stay healthy.

Different Types of Fitbit

Fitbit is in the production of some of the best high-end devices. The company produces fitness trackers and smart watches that help you control music, receive texts, and control other apps in your Smartphone.

What’s more, there are devices that have features including an Active Zone heart rate tracking that will track your exercises in real time.

Below are some of the best Fitbit products in the market:

1.       Fitbit Inspire 2

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Fitbit Inspire has some of the most basic features including distance tracking, hourly activity level, calories burned, and standard step. It has a slim profile and the battery lasts for 10 days.

The long battery life makes sure you do not miss any data even if you do not charge it for several days. Additionally, it is waterproof giving you the freedom to swim with it. The company also includes a 1-year Fitbit premium membership.

Given its small screen size, you will barely notice that you have it on as you work out. It offers you great value for money as you strive to get back to your fitness routine by having a tracker that keeps you accountable.

2.       Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

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The Fitbit Charge 4 is rugged, has an on-screen pace tracker, in-built GPS, heart rate tracker, and sleep monitoring. It is compatible with many smartphones and will offer you real-time workout tracking.

When you fit it with the Fitbit App, this gadget will track Active Zones Minutes – (a measure of the intensity of your workout). They are very easy to understand and you set them depending on your general fitness and age. It is a very nice way to ensure that you are getting enough exercises in a day.

Moreover, it has 20 exercises modes, and each of them allows you to customize. For example, you can set up a buzz when you enter a certain heart rate zone. The screen does not bright when you go to direct sunlight and you can track all the activities as you cycle. The Charge 4 is great as it is affordable, capable, and durable.

3.       Fitbit Versa Lite

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If you are looking for a full-featured and affordable fitness tracker then the Fitbit Versa is the watch for you. You will get many fitness capabilities including fitness sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. There are also advanced features including on-screen workouts and it is waterproof.

4.       Fitbit Ace 3

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Fitbit Ace 3 is one of the best trackers for kids. It will encourage your kids to be more active. Together with tracking your kids’ steps, it also has fun activities like school sports and trampolining that keeps them engaged.

It does not have a heart rate monitor (as the kid’s heart rate changes as they grow) no GPS, or calorie counting. However, if your child owns a phone they can use this gadget to receive app notifications.

Fitbit is great for kids below 15 years and does not have any cartoon characters hence it will not embarrass your children, as they grow older. What’s more, it does not irritate the skin and your kid can have it on all day long. The screen is also hardened and does not break easily, which is a great addition since kids are very playful.

5.       Fitbit Sense

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The Fitbit Sense is a very stylish smartwatch that will help you manage your mental being better. This super advanced watch can track your stress levels by measuring the conductivity of your skin. When there are changes in the conductivity of your skin, it means you have adrenal activity which is a sign of stress.

The data will sync with the Fitbit app, and you will be able to record any other factors including mood. The sense is also a great sports watch and has many activity tracking options. You have the option of configuring your workout sessions so that they appear as shortcuts whenever you press the touch sensitive button.

Moreover, it has an onboard GPS tracker to map your bike rides, walks, and runs. It is also appealing to the eye and the design is almost the same as Fitbit Versa 3. However, it comes with different colors, and a silicone strap that makes it comfortable to wear.

6.       Fitbit Ionic

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It is among the oldest watches in the Fitbit collection. Fitbit Ionic has stood the test of time, and the device can tackle weight lifting, running, swimming and much more. The Fitbit Pay and dedicated workout programs are the other highlights of the Ionic.

Additionally, it was the first Fitbit device to have GPS to track your bike rides, walks, and even runs without the need to carry your smart phone. It also has a battery with a long shell life and it is water resistant.

7.       Fitbit Inspire HR

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If you acquire the Fitbit Inspire HR it will come as a great motivation for you to get off the couch. The Inspire HR is quite simple in design but is a perfect choice as it has some of the best features.

It offers heart rate monitoring, workout modes, step tracking, and breathing sessions that help with mindfulness. Another thing that attracts customers to the device is that it is very cheap.

Other highlights of the watch, is that it has a long battery life, it is waterproof, and has a touch screen that is hardened.

8.       Fitbit Luxe

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The Fitbit Luxe is among the most stylish fitness trackers. It marries intelligent features that are appealing, and it is ideal for any workout fanatic who is stylish. It can form part of your wardrobe and use it for your daily activities.

Additionally, it tracks your workout intensity, sleep patterns, stress levels, and heart rate activity. What’s more, it has guided breathing meditations and you can tell if your breathing patterns are correct.

You can also look at all your data and set your fitness and health goals. If you are a long distance runner, Fitbit Luxe will provide you with real-time insights of your pace and distance covered using its in-built GPS.

Moreover, you will get six months of Fitbit premium that helps you explore more health insights. Plus, the battery lasts for over one week, has a touch screen color display, and a snooze mode that will help you mute notifications.

9.       Fitbit Versa 2

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The Fitbit Versa 2 is great smartwatch with many tools that are found in the more expensive smart watches. It comes with all the great fitness features including voice commands, Smartphone notifications, heart rate tracker, and other apps that you can easily download through the Fitbit app.

Its battery life is also great compared to other smart watches as it lasts 5 days with a single charge. It is also lightweight and it will not weigh you down as you work out.

Things to consider when buying a Fitness Tracker

The smart watch and fitness tracker market has grown, and so have the capabilities of these products. How much you want to get out of a product will greatly influence the money you spend.

You should put in a bit of research and do due diligence before acquiring one. The following are some of the things you should consider before you buy a fitness tracker.

1.       Compatibility

The first thing is to establish whether the smart watch is compatible with your phone or not. You want your fitness tracker to send all the data it collects to the handset for storage.

2.       Budget

You want to get a tracker that fits within your budget. You just have to make a list of the features that you are looking for in your device and go for the affordable options. By doing this you will save money while not compromising on the features you need.

3.       Features

Ensure you make a detailed list of the features you want in your fitness tracker. Do not buy before you know what you want. Some of the features you should look for include sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, water resistance, and cellular connectivity.

4.       Design

Looks are very subjective, so you who have to decide what design stands out for you. Do you want a square shaped one or a round smartwatch? What’s more, they also come in different colors for you to pick whichever fits you best.

One of the best square shaped Fitbit smart watch is the Fitbit Versa, whereas if you want a round one you should go for the Fitbit sense.

5.       Warranty

It can be quite expensive to repair your fitness tracker, as the spare parts are not easily accessible. It could cost you over $40 for a single repair. That is another reason why you should ensure that you get a product that comes with a replacement warranty and at least one year of repair.

6.       Battery Life

Another important thing you need to look at is battery life before purchasing a fitness tracker. You definitely do not want a gadget that dies before you have even finished your workout session.

Try looking for one that has a battery that can last for three days without needing further charge.


Getting yourself a Fitbit fitness tracker ensures that you can get in shape and enjoy better health by tracking your daily activities. Research has shown that self-tracking will make you sleep better, exercise more, and follow a healthier diet just by knowing the areas to improve on, all in real time.

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