Which Electric Bikes Have Bosch Motors?

With electric bikes being used more and more every day and their popularity is constantly increasing.

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With electric bikes being used more and more every day and their popularity is constantly increasing. If you are looking into information around electric bicycles, you might have come across some information stating that Bosch Motors are the best motors for electric bikes. But then the question arises, “What electric bikes have Bosch motors?”

Well, luckily, Bosch seems to have a firm grip on the electric bicycle industry. Bosch Motors supplies its motors for the vast majority of electric bike manufacturers. Electric bike manufacturers like Apache, Gazelle, and even Haibike all use Bosch motors for their electric bicycles. 

As you continue to read this article, it will go more in-depth about the widespread usage of Bosch motors and the different kinds of engines from Bosch that you can look out for that are best used in all situations. We will also discuss the best type of electric bike with Bosch motors in them. Keep reading to find out more information!

The Different Types Of Motors From Bosch

This may seem obvious, but what is an electric bicycle without its electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery? The engines for these electric bicycles come in a few different configurations depending on the style of bike and the area it is made to excel in.

Bosch Motors makes electric bicycle motors for almost all of the significant and lesser-known electric bike manufacturers. That being said, they produce their own electric bicycles as well.

Bosch Motors makes five different motors that are best used in different environments. While you can use some engines in multiple areas, others are only suited for one specific type of environment.

Below will be a shortlist of the five motors that Bosch Motors make and explain where each engine is best used and the other areas where you can use them.

Active Line Motors By Bosch

© Bosch eBike Systems

The active line motors made by Bosch are the baseline standard for most electric bicycles. This motor is probably the most common type of motor you can expect to have on your typical electric bike.

These motors are best used for travel around a city and have specs that are in line with this. While this motor can see some use in suburban neighborhoods, you will see the most extended battery life by using it in the city.

Being able to stop and pick up speed very quickly constantly like you would if you are stopping at an intersection or stoplight before crossing the street is why this motor excels where it does.

Active Line Plus Motors By Bosch

© Tern Bicycles

The active line plus motor made by Bosch is very similar to the active line. While it is not better than the active line for pure city travel, this motor excels in suburban areas where you can keep a constant speed for more extended periods.

This motor is perfect if you live outside of a city and need to travel into the city for work, as this motor works well in cities too. However, you will notice a better battery life if you use this motor in suburban areas where there are fewer traffic stops.

This motor is also capable of traveling on outdoorsy areas and dirt roads and paths. However, if this is what you want an electric bicycle for, there are much more suitable motors down the list that are perfect for this type of riding.

Cargo Line Cruise And Cargo Line Speed By Bosch

© Propel Electric Bikes

The cargo line cruise and cargo line speed are much like the active line and active line plus. Again, while each motor can be used in both city and suburban areas, they are best suited for their own specific environments.

However, the cargo line cruise and speed motors are made to tow stuff around with you. These motors are able to tow up to 550 pounds easily behind them.

The main difference between the 2 is that the cruise series has more torque than the speed series. This allows it to pick up speed faster after stopping, and it is more in line with the active line motors.

The cruise line speed motors have a higher maximum speed of 28 mph, whereas the cargo line cruise motors have 20 miles per hour. Making it more suitable for open stitches of travel like the active line plus engines.

Performance Line Motors By Bosch

© The New Wheel

The performance line of motors made by Bosch is essentially the jack of all trades for motors for electric bicycles. This type of motor has three separate classes that are all able to be used just about anywhere. The cruise model is the main motor for this series. You can use it everywhere effectively.

The performance line sport model is best used for a hilly and off-road riding experience. Last but not least, the performance line speed model is the best motor for extended trips sporting a massive battery life. Every engine in the performance line can conquer just about any terrain you yourself can.

Performance Line CX Motors By Bosch

© Bosch eBike Systems

If you are the type of person that loves to take a mountain bike off-road and find your own path through challenging terrain, this is the perfect motor for you. As previously said, the performance cx motors made by Bosch are best used for the most rugged outdoor riding activities.

Which Electric Bikes Have Bosch Motors?

As said at the start of the article, just about every electric bicycle brand uses Bosch Motors. We will be listing some examples of bikes that use each of the types of motors listed above to help you find the exact electric bike you are looking for.

That being said, every bicycle on the list below will be from a company that exclusively uses Bosch motors on their bikes.

Enjoy 10D

This electric bicycle made by Benno is perfect for those with ordinary suburban life. Sporting the active line plus model by Bosch Motors, you can expect to get a super comfy and speedy ride around the city. This electric bicycle is very modular and has multiple attachments that you can purchase to attach to this bicycle to suit it specifically for your needs as a rider.

E-Omnia T Type

Bianchi makes this super sleek-looking bicycle. This bicycle sports the Performance line CX motor made by Bosch and is a perfect example of what you need to look for in an electric off-road or mountain bike.

Cameron T 450 RBN

Are you looking for the perfect example of an electric bicycle that you can use just about everywhere? Look no further than this bicycle from Conway. The Carton T 45 RBN sports the standard performance line motor made by Bosch, and as stated above, the performance line is the jack of all trades motor from bosch.

Townie Go! 8D

This model by Electra uses the standard active line motor from Bosch and sports a massive battery life with an average mileage of 70 miles before the battery needs to be recharged. This electric bike is perfect for anyone living in the city and is made with the active line motor in mind.

Final Thoughts

The fact of the matter when it comes to Bosch motors is if you are looking to purchase an electric bicycle in-store, there is a perfect chance that it has a Bosch motor equipped to it. Bosch Motors supplies its engines to over 90 different electric bicycle manufacturers across the world.

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