10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in New York

New York State has several fantastic sightseeing attractions; this ranges from its high towering Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, and Montauk Lighthouse to the Empire State Building in the Manhattan Island in New York City. 

Likewise, the state has numerous Mountain Bike Trails that will give you an expanse of knowledge. You will know how different and diverse these trails are since they pass through the entire land from New York City’s densely populated area to the unforgiving and rugged upstate regions.

The Empire itself consists of tucked flows of trails tightly switched back, providing the desired biking experience for both new and professional bikers. The state’s outskirts have long and rugged cross-country trails, some of which expand vastly across large areas of land. Other trails within the New York State itself will make you experience a fast downhill ride. 

If you want to have that thrilling experience of biking in one of America’s greatest biking trails and get familiar with the landscape feature in the environment, check out our list of the best 10 mountain biking trails in the State of New York below.


1. Six Mile Run

Six Mile Run
©MTB Project

The Six Mile Run’s outstanding feature is its accommodation for all newbie bikers who can get quickly accustomed to biking if they use this biking trail. The Mountain biking trail is located in Piscataway, not very far from New York, Brunswick. This biking trail has woody features, making the best time for you, especially for those who like woody biking.

Besides, you will enjoy the thrilling moment of a mixture of biking with an amazing towpath along the woods while sightseeing the environment’s numerous scenic images. Although the Six Mile Trails are technical to use, you should be aware of the several tight corners, drops in towns, and few bridges as you ride along your path. 

A newbie rider will enjoy this trail because most of the paths are easy to ride through, provided such a rider has a few basic riding skills. The tracks are not as rocky as several other trails within the same region, and a beginner rider should not get scared.

Professional riders can bask in the thrill of gliding along the Six Mile Run without having a fear of suddenly hitting any obstacle on the way. This is particularly true if you just like to ride and are not looking for any challenge along your riding path. 


2. Hartshorne Park

Hartshorne Park

The Hartshorne Park mountain biking trail is perfect for family recreation. Summer can be delightful on this biking trail because you can easily use the Sand Hook as a camping facility. As such, you will get to enjoy other forms of recreation aside from biking alone. 

One of the recreations the camping at Sandy Hook will provide includes lazing or running on the beach. Hartshorne Park may be considered a mountain biking trail for some professionals because of its single-track but difficult-to-ride trailing system. The important feature of these trails is that they are marked with several designations of colors from black and green to blue. 

Black colors are designated for trails, which are very difficult to ride because of the more technicality involved when biking along the rocky path. The blue trails are also not as easy to navigate since they require some technical prowess, while the green designated trails may be a good start for beginner bikers because they can quickly learn coordination and speed. 


3. Brant Lake Bike Park

Brant Lake Bike Park

There are four different trails on which Brant Lake Bike Park was built. This single-track network is between a hundred yards to about a mile in length. Bikers can have a view of Lake George as they ride along Bartonville’s ridgeline. This ridgeline comes from a cross-country trail and ends in a local restaurant downhill with a windswept flow trail. You can decide to go for a reverse journey by using the short Rebound loop just at the bottom.

The climbing trail in Brant Lake Bike Park is about 1.3 miles long and is free for use by the general public, although it is privately owned. This biking trail is popularly called “mountain” in “mountain biking” because of the unhindered view of Brant Lake, which is accessible for hikers also. Although this trail is not so technical, you should be aware of its two steep parts—the right gauntlet and the left gauntlet, which are very challenging.


4. Cunningham Park

Cunningham Park
©NYC Parks

Cunningham Park is the best mountain biking trail for an adventurous experience, especially if you are stuck in the city during summer. Your day may not be as bad as you think if you can take out some time biking on the well-maintained and groomed trailing system of Cunningham Park. This park expands on a 358-acre of land and is one of the great secrets of Queen. You will also experience biking along the woody path with a grinning trail system, which will keep you at your best moment.

Additionally, Cunningham Park employs trainers who will usually guide you if you are just starting to learn biking. Whether you are a starter or an expert, you will experience a whole lot of amazing trailing paths that will suit your biking level. Although it’s stated on the trails map that they are unidirectional, be warned that some people will not always follow such rules and be guided when biking along.

Cunningham is perfect if you want to have the stimulating effect of great long hops and switchbacks. You can decide to go for the fun of riding and enjoy the company of the city dwellers who want technical challenges. This park’s trailing system has been divided into different segments, rated based on their difficulty level: easy, moderate, and advanced. So, be sure that you can always choose the best that will suit your riding level. 

Although, when it comes to high altitude and elevations, Cunningham is not the best, you can make do with most of its sharp climbs, which give you a structure to pedal at varying speed within a four-mile distance. Sure, you will need a whole lot of stamina for this, but you can have the best of thrilling moments if you are up for it. Other features of the biking trail are Jump Park, pump tracks, and easy ride-around obstacles for beginners who may need a quieter ride.


5. Sprain Ridge Park

Sprain Ridge Park

Bikers who want challenges can navigate their way through many of the obstacles in Sprain Ridge Park. You will enjoy its main loop, which is about 4.25 miles, but using as many trails as possible can get you up to 12 miles which is quite a long one. You will experience rock drops along your path, especially within the first 100 yards. 

Other challenging and fun-filled activities are the rock garden, log hops, bizarre bridges, and disappearing trail. Those trails don’t really disappear because you will find them there waiting for you to ride along on a second look. If you like the technicalities involved in riding, you might find this type of trail path fascinating, especially the downhill jump line that leads to a drop (40-feet) into a shallow creek. Such a challenge is not meant for the fainthearted, so beginner riders are not recommended for this type of biking. 

But if you are beginning your biking activities on Sprain Ridge Park, you should know that Windham Town location is very famous for outdoor activities. It is advisable to begin early on weekend days or perhaps go on a weekday when the population will be reduced to the barest minimum.


6. Ellicottville Loop

Ellicottville Loop
©MTB Project

Ellicottville loop is situated in Little Valley. The IMBA has appended Epic to this trail’s name because it comprises charming trails, which range over 30 miles towards the south hills of Buffalo. Its altitude goes up as much as 1,000 feet above the ground totaling more than 3,000 feet to climb. 

The stretches of trails observed in the Ellicottville Loop are one of the most favorites within the area, some of which include Pale Ale trail and Buzzard’s Breath. Bikers can laze around the flow descents, which inspire them to head for the Little Rock City in the southern area where there are scattered boulders of bedrocks. Although bikers can view from the ledge by using the ride-around, they cannot use the trails through these rocks.


7. Double Down Elm Ridge

Double Down Elm Ridge

Bikers prefer the Double Down Elm Ridge because of the mixture of the two trails it uses. One of the trails is very short, sharp, and challenging, while the other is long and gentle. You can access each trail from a shared trailhead which is a part of the wider Elm Ridge trail network within the northern Catskills. 

You can also start from the mid-point of these two trails and access either trail. The mid-point allows you to go around the gentle trail first and then follow around to begin the difficult portion of the ride. This is easier because the second portion is very steeply and contains rock drops, root webs, rock banks, and bridges down its steep path. Moreover, you will enjoy the scenic view of the valley below and Windham Peak. 

Another feature is the Hilltop extension impasse in Maplecrest, which allows you to enter the Double Down Elm Ridge from the northern part. From here, you can easily find your way to the top following a designated blue arrow. You will observe these blue arrows on the State Land as you bike again; ensure you follow them since an unmarked trail breaks off, heading back to Elm Ridge in the west. Expect to enjoy lots of fantastic fun-time as you also give way to downhill riders.


8. Glacier Ridge Bike Trail

Glacier Ridge Bike Trail

The Glacier Ridge has gained popularity for many MTB riders within these recent years. Other bikers also come across various walks of life to experience the thrills of biking on long island. This ridge has seven different loops of great difficulties, which extend from four main loops. As such, the Glacier Ridge has been crowned as the “jewel of LI single-track trails.” You will enjoy the up-and-down flow, with a total mile of 13.5. 

The several loops have various switchbacks and tight turnings, which present several challenges, especially for skilled bikers. Additionally, there are bumpy terrains, small logs, and steep downhills. The elevation rises as high as 800 feet at the far end of the Long Island Rail Road. The Glacier Ridge Bike Trail boasts an intermediate to advanced single track with two optional fire roads and diamond loops.


9. North Bethlehem Park Trail

North Bethlehem Park Trail

The North Bethlehem Park Trail is known for its single-loop trail system. This loop is designated with four different colored flags. These flags are positioned at the right side of the trail if you are riding in the primary direction. The scenic woody area behind the trail path is used to access the trail.

At a ride of about 200 ft., the trail turns steeply into woody land, where you encounter fascinating challenges with different color markers for the trail path. You will start from red to orange, to yellow and blue markers. It’s like a sort of circle that begins with red color and ends with blue.

This trail is situated south of Albany, and you can access an easy workout here. This makes it appealing for more advanced riders, particularly since the more challenging upland trails are all out of immediate reach for Schenectady and Albany residents.  Additionally, there are easily-identified ride-around for those who are not willing to tackle the obstacles.


10. 9-Mile Trail

9-Mile Trail
©New York Trailheads

The 9-Mile trail is located southeast of Syracuse state forest. It is a double-track trail system, which starter bikers can use as the most basic level without too many technical challenges. As you ride along, you will enjoy the beautiful piece of view of the  Round Pond wetlands and another view from the middle top of the plateau by Plymouth Reservoir at the opposite side.

You can gain over 500 feet while you enjoy the speed-through descent. This trail can serve as a great way to perfect riding for beginners or a better workout for professional bikers.



Whether you are thinking of the best biking vocational place or just passing through the State of New York, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenes across several of their Mountain Biking Trails. Many of these trails feature one of the most exciting biking activities, especially challenges that you may not find in many other mountain trails. Put on your biking kit and enjoy the world of limitless biking in New York’s Mountain Biking Trails.


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