50 Best Mountain Biking Trails in the U.S.

Every state in the U.S has some biking trails worth exploring. This goes to show just how much Americans love mountain biking and exploring…

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Every state in the U.S has some biking trails worth exploring. This goes to show just how much Americans love mountain biking and exploring the outdoors. With the beautiful sceneries and cleverly built trails, bikers have a chance at testing their skill and enjoying breathtaking natural features while at the same time doing something they love.

Since the early 70s, Americans have been biking, a trend that has grown over time to become something of a cultural phenomenon. If you go through any American family, I bet you will find four out of five households owning a bike or two. This has translated to different groups of people developing trails in amazing places where bikers get to interact with nature and other people, holding competitions and just having some good ol’ fun.

Are you a biker or interested in mountain biking? Where do you live? I bet there are a couple of amazing bike trails to start exploring if you know where to look. Stick with us, and we will provide just what you need, and soon enough, you will be on your way pedaling and having fun biking.

Overall, below are some of the bike trails in the US worth exploring.

1. Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama

Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama

If you take a trip to the heart of Dixie and love biking, there are a couple of trails that will surely meet your fancy.  Depending on what you prefer, you have the choice of biking through open fields, along waters, pine forests, small antique towns, railroads, boardwalks, and pavements. Also, don’t be surprised if you meet a fox, beaver, gator, or some other animals along the way.  You also choose the shorter trails to the longer trails, depending on the energy you feel.

If you are spoilt for choice, I would recommend the chief Ladiga trail, a 34-mile long trail that will see you wind through open fields and forests alike, with flowing rivers and a view of the southern Appalachians.

2. Happy Valley Trail in Alaska

Happy Valley Trail in Alaska
©The Alaska Life

Alaska is revered for its challenging bike rails at times, so long you may be obliged to hitch a bus ride in between trips. Don’t be surprised by the steep slopes and hilly terrain that some bike trails come with. You may also encounter wild animals, with bikers being warned to carry bear spray on certain trails.

However, it is not all as dangerous. You can check out the Happy Valley Trail, where you can get a view of Alaska’s wildlife all at a safe distance.  Feast your eyes on grizzlies, wolves, lynx, moose, etc.  The 11- mile track will also take you to the ester dome, where you can view the famed northern lights.

3. Kaibab Plateau – North Rim Parkway in Arizona

Arizona is a huge state with different terrains, all coming with biking trails.  As Arizona is famously known, if you ever visit the Grand Canyon State, you can choose between mountain and road biking trails, each coming with its unique challenges and thrills. However, one common thing about all Arizona biking trails in the scenic experience.

Take a trip along the Kaibab Plateau- North Rim Parkway, and experience both the green and desert sides of Arizona.  As the trails go along, the trees reduce to a more canyon-like scene. The trail is a bit long-spanning, at least 40 miles, but it is sure worth it.

4. Northwood Hot Spring Trails in Arkansas

Northwood Hot Spring Trails in Arkansas

Arkansas comes with a whole lot of options for biking lovers. You can choose from mountainous to flat terrains and everything in between.  Take a biking trip along rivers and ridges, small towns, and the Ozarks.

Oneof the best trails currently rated as the top is the Northwood Hot Spring Trails. The first trail includes jump lines, flow, and a lot of cross-country terrain connected to the cedar glades trail system, which will provide an option for the more traditional trail system to the new more modern trails.

5. Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail in California

Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail in California

You cannot talk about California bike trails without mentioning the Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail. This is one of the most scenic trails in the state and an inductee in the hall of fame for rail trails.

It is a 25-mile long trail that will see you pedal through a gravel trail, into the Susan River Canyon, a pine forest, and across twelve bridges and two tunnels, just to name a few.  The best time to visit the trail is duringthe autumn when there is full bloom, and the colors are just magical. However, later in the year, the snow-covered trail will attract several bikers and skiers.

6. Government Trail in Aspen, Colorado

Government Trail in Aspen, Colorado
©MTB Project

Colorado is home to several terrains, both easy and challenging, with accommodation for different groups, including bikers and pets on different biking trails.  If you are a moderate biker and want a peaceful and blissful time while riding, the government trail, Aspen, is the most famous and allows for riders to come with their pets along for the ride.

The trail is 19.7 miles long and at an elevation of 8,400 meters allows for cooler temperatures

7. Connecticut Rockland Reserve in Connecticut

Connecticut Rockland Reserve in Connecticut

Connecticut is well known for its heavily wooded terrains, which provide some amazing biking trails for enthusiasts. You can be sure to meet a couple of animals as you ride through the trails; thankfully, it is not easy to meet the more dangerous kind of animals such as bears.

One of the best trails to check out if you are visiting Connecticut is Rockland Reserve, a 650-acre mountain biker’s dream, a result of over 5000 man-hours to create one of the best trails for bikers of any skill from beginners to experienced riders.

8. White Clay Creek in Delaware

White Clay Creek in Delaware
©Bike Rumor

You have to visit Delaware to fully understand the scenic beauty it holds. The northern parts of the state are covered in hilly terrains, such as the Piedmont plateau. You can also follow the Atlantic seaboard for some flat terrain and see the scenic views as you ride along.

One of the most amazing trails you can follow is the White Clay Creek.  Declared a national wild and scenic river system, it is a paradise for bikers. Go through some gentle hills and forests, and enjoy the creeks reserve.

9. Spider Kingdom North Trail in Florida

Spider Kingdom North Trail in Florida
©Trail Forks

Florida may not be at the top of your mind when it comes to mountain biking; however, it may surprise you if you know where to go.  One of the best trails you can visit while in Florida is the Spider Kingdom North Trail.

The trail comes with easy sections where you can enjoy the ride, perfect for a relaxed slow ride with little fatigue. It meanders through a wooded area, plus you might get to see some animals on the way.

10. Dwelling Loop Holly Springs Trail in Georgia

Dwelling Loop Holly Springs Trail in Georgia

Georgia can offer you easy to difficult terrains and everything in between.  One of the best trails you can experience is the Dwelling Loop Holly Springs trail. Before starting your ride, ensure you get travel directions as the trail’s direction of biking changes from time to time.

The trail is great for beginners and will see you dodge a couple of roots and stones as you ride one of the smooth downhill slopes.

11. Bear Basin Trails in Idaho

Bear Basin Trails in Idaho

Idaho will see you get lost in the lush forests covered in moss and amaze of trails that run through the whole state.

From beginners to experts, the Bear Basin trails will prove the most convenient for a bike-riding session.  Beginners and intermediate bikers can choose the easy trails, while experts can go for the harder, more challenging trails. Most of the trails criss-cross at some point, meaning you can try out different trails while riding.

12. Ohana Trails in Hawaii

Ohana Trails in Hawaii
©MTB Project

One of the most scenic places is Hawaii, not only due to the ocean surrounding but also due to the trails that go all through the whole island.

One of the best trails to follow while on the island is the Ohana trails. It is a 1.5-mile rail that comes with some gorgeous scenery. You will also go through some unique type of vegetation common to tropical areas.

13. Chicago North Shore Trail in Illinois

Chicago North Shore Trail in Illinois

Anytime you find yourself in Illinois, you might get spoilt for choice as to where to visit. The state is full of beautiful features, with several trails worth exploring.

One of the best places you can take a trail and enjoy all Illinois has to offer is the Chicago North Shore trail. The trail starts at Evanston and will lead you to the writer theatre, which is around three miles from Evanston and a mile to Wilmette.

14. Town Run Trail Park in Indiana

Town Run Trail Park in Indiana

Indiana is one of the smaller states with a huge reputation for mountain biking. It comes with several terrains, all of which are perfect for mountain bike climbing, depending on the skill level you consider yourself to be at.

Take a trip through the Town Run Trail Park, an eight-mile loop that runs through the scenic white river valley.  Perfect for beginners, the trail is best for increasing your biking skills for the more dangerous trails.

15. Sugar Bottom Recreational Area in Iowa

Sugar Bottom Recreational Area in Iowa

Mountain biking enthusiasts in Iowa interested in getting on one of the best biking trails in the state should try the Sugar Bottom Recreation Area.  The trail features a 12-mile long trail of a single track with access to some breathtaking views as you pedal along.

You will be sure to get some lake views, luscious forests, plus the occasional wild deer. The trail is also comfortable with some small challenges that are sure to keep you alert.

16. Lake Remembrance Park Loop, Blue springs in Kansas

Lake Rememberance Park Loop, Blue springs in Kansas

There are a couple of great mountain bikingtrails if you ever find yourself in the sunflower state.  One of the more amazing ones is the lake remembrance Park Loop in Blue Springs, Missouri.  The trail is smaller, making the whole exercise less tiring, plus it loops around a lake making for some relaxing and calming feeling as you ride along.

You can take your time and enjoy the lake, surrounded by lush trees that make the whole scene all the more pleasing.

17. Brier Creek Trail Kentucky

Brier Creek Trail Kentucky

Kentucky is quickly becoming a favorite among mountain bikers due to the different terrains and features, including its Appalachian mountains, scenic plateaus, forests, and its many breathtaking rivers that are just amazing to ride besides.

If you choose to travel to the bluegrass state and are unsure which is the best biking trail for you to sample, go and try out the Brier Creek Trail, located in the mammoth cave region.  Here you will ride in the park’s hardwood forest through the omega ridge and climb a 200-foot hill to better test your mountain biking skills.

18. Monkey Trails in Louisiana

Monkey Trails in Louisiana

Mountain biking enthusiasts checking out the American south should take a stab at the state of Louisiana.  Boasting of New Orleans and Baton Rouge cities, the state comes with scenic routes around its towns and cities, plus also boasting a variety of different terrains that include deltas, coastal mars, wets savannas, pine forests, and swamplands.

You can check out the Monkey Trails, which come with the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery accentuated by majestic tall trees, bluffs, rushing rivers, and local flora. The track is rated between intermediate to advanced and will be a sure challenge for mountain biking enthusiasts.

19. Libby Hill Forest Trail in Maine

Libby Hill Forest Trail in Maine

Most people may associate Maine with the quaint harbor towns and the coastline; however, if you take a trip to the place, you will discover it is a lot more than what it’s made out to be. More and more mountain biking enthusiasts are taking a trip to the state at least once a year to sample some of the various trails available.

If you are ever in Maine, try out the Libby Hill Forest Trails. You will get to ride through several ecosystems, including wetlands, forests, beaver habitats, and 1800’s-era farmstead.  The trails are rated as moderately difficult and require you to have some biking skills before attempting them.

20. Western Maryland Rail Trail in Maryland

Western Maryland Rail Trail in Maryland
©Find Your Chesapeake

Popularly referred to as the Free State, Maryland is located in the Mid Atlanticregion, making it a great place for mountain biking enthusiasts. It has various amazing features, including sandy dunes, rolling hills, marshlands, oak forests with several different terrains that will be a thrill for mountain bikers.

One of the more loved and preferred trails is the Western Maryland Rail Trail. It begins in Bog Pool town and isat least 23-miles long. You get to experience the sideling hills, the Chesapeake, and the Ohio canal. It is a double-track design withfew obstacles, making it ideal for beginners.

21. Lynn Woods Reservation in Massachusetts

Lynn Woods Reservation in Massachusetts
©Boston Fare Hikes

Massachusetts is one of the best places to go for a great mountain biking experience. It has over 7111-miles of mountain biking trails, and even finding the best trail may be abit overwhelming.

One of the best places to go biking is the Lynn Woods Reservation. The area started as a conservation for the various ponds and parks but later included some trails. You can go through the entire reservation with a bike and are interconnected by single tracks.

22. Copper Harbour Hills in Michigan

CopperHarbour Hills in Michigan
©Lake Superior Magazine

Mountain biking popularity has gradually increased in Michigan over 25 years. Increased demand for more and more trails from the bikers who thronged the state has led to a steady increase in the number and variety of trails you can find in Michigan.

One of the best trails you can visit while in Michigan is the IMBA’s epic ride recognized CopperHarbor Hills. The trail comes with several difficulties,including cobbled rocks, Rooty surfaces, berms, rustic bridges, andoccasional jumps, making it ideal for the more experienced mountain bikers.

23. Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Minnesota

Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Minnesota

You will find plenty of mountain biking trails to choose from if you are ever in Minnesota.  There are plenty of forests, ridges, and rolling hills to choose from.

One of the best trails you can visit while in Minnesota is the Lebanon Hills, Regional Park. It s a 12-mile long manicured single rack thatwill see you ride along the lakeside, providing a beautiful ad relaxing scenery well worth a stop. The trails are also well-marked, makingthem easy to navigate, great for bikers of all skill levels.

24. Mt.Zion Trails in Mississippi

Mt. Zion Trails

Do not underestimate Mississippi’s state when it comes to the geniusways; they have created their trails, adding new things here and there to ensure that the trails are more interesting for bikers. The state is full of trail networks all across the state,making it a worthwhile place for mountain bikers to visit.

One of the best trails you can visit is the Mt. Zion trails. Although vastly flat, the trail has incorporated a couple of wooden features, teeter-totters, sandy berms, and more to make it more exciting for bikers.

25. Two Rivers Bike Park in Missouri

Two Rivers Bike Park
©Progressive Bike Ramps

One of the states that take pride in their physical features and fun activities is Missouri. Owed to the variety of trails available for bikers, you can go and challenge yourself on one of their many mountain biking trails.Expect to find some rolling plains, large rivers, and the Ozarks Mountains.

One of the best trails you can go riding on if you ever visit the state is the Two Rivers, Bike Park. An oasis for bikers, the area is a multi-trail system set in a 400-acrepiece of land. You will find natural surfaces with hilly and sloppy descents, which will make it a great day.

26. MacDonald Pass in Montana

MacDonald Pass

If you are ever in Montana, ensure you take a trip through the MacDonald Pass known for its downhills and beautiful breathtaking views. You will ride through the mildly challenging granite rocks from a 2000foot descent with a high-speed flowy section. Riding through the whole tail may take you up to an hour.

27. The Boots and Saddle Trail in Nebraska

The Boots and Saddle Trail in Nebraska

Suppose you are headed to Nebraska and plan on taking a mountain bike ride along with one of the trails, best prepare yourself to get a little muddy. The state has several mountain biking spots, loop trails, state parks, and beautiful summits.

One of the best trails in the state includes the Boots and Saddle trail, Sioux City, NE. It is a seven-mile-long region established as a timber reservation area. Here you can ride along with wooded areas and steam that flow along the trail.

28. Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Trail in Nevada

Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Trail in Nevada

If you want to visit the Nevada State for some mountain biking experience, ensure you fit to take a ride through the Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking Trail. Revered as one of the most jaw-dropping trails, visitors from all over the world come to mountain bike here.

Apart from the views, the trail climbs to 1000 feet at the top of Marlette Lake, where you can ride through granite boulders to the 1600 drop intothe sand harbor, a spectacular single track alongLakeTahoe.

29. Bear Brooke State Park in New Hampshire

Bear Brooke State Park in New Hampshire
©Pet Friendly Travel

With a state that carries the number plate with the tag live ‘free or die,’you understand just how much they love their freedom and liberties. Well, so too do they take their trail. Backed by beautiful sceneries and a variety of trails, New Hampshire is another favorite for mountain bikers.

You can enjoy the Bear Brooke state park, which comes with 100 acres of land with Criss-crossing trails all along. It is an accommodative trail that allows both beginners and expert bikers to showcase their skill

30. Doctor’s Creek in New Jersey

Doctor’s Creek - cognoscere
© cognoscere

New Jersey is home to huge water bodies, forests, and beautiful sceneries, with several trails that will be sure to leave you quite contented. You can choose to take a trail in the forests or along lakes due to the number of bikers’ trails.

You can choose to ride along Doctor’s Creek, a 6.4-kilometer trail located near the crème ridge.  The trail stands out as it is moderate, meaning it allows different skill levels without any risk of harm. You can also come with your pet on this trail and set up a camp.

31. Angel Fire Resort Bike Trail in New Mexico

Angel Fire Resort Bike Trail - Angel Fire Resort
© Angel Fire Resort

Popularly known as the enchantment land, New Mexico is an amazing place to visit and try out some mountain biking trails. This is due to the diverse features it boasts, from deserts, mountains, the endless Georgia O Keefsunset, the pinions, and juniper, plus the clean air and amazing vie the place carries.

Take a shot of the Angel Fire Resort Bike trail, and enjoy the downhill trails best suited for the more adrenaline-fueled bikes.  The trail will best serve the bikers who love long trails, plus you can get a lift to the top rather than a tiring uphill climb.

32. Hudson River Walkway in New York

Hudson River Walkway in New York - Citi Bike
© Citi Bike

When you mention New York, the final thing to come to your mind is biking and bike trails, yet, New York is home to several bike trails suitable for a range of people, including families, beginners, and experts.

If you are in New York, you can try the family-friendly Walkway over the Hudson River, and apart from the peaceful and easy trail, you can also enjoy the view of the famous Hudson River. Bring your family along to the 212 feet above Hudson’s river surface.

33. Du Point State Forest in North Carolina

Du Point State Forest - Matt Stenson
© Matt Stenson

Another favorite for mountain biking is North Carolina. It comes with purpose-built trails crammed with berms and the old type of raw backcountry trails that will be sure to transport you to a different time.

One of the besttrails to visit is the Du Point State Forest. Covering at least 10,500 acres, the area will need abit of stay as it istoo huge to explore a day. DuPont is known for the many thrilling trails and will be sure to thrill you.

34. Armon Lake Trail in North Dakota

Armon Lake Trail - adamisme
© adamisme

Although the North Dakota terrain is mainly flat, you will still find some amazing trails which will be sure to prove a challenge.

One of the best trails you can access while in North Dakota is the Harmon Lake Trail. Considered one of the best trails in the state, it covers 13.2-miles with a moderately difficult terrain fit for intermediate and expert bikers.

You get to ride along the lake and take in all the natural beauty associated with it.

35. Hampton Hills Tour in Ohio

Hampton Hills Tour - Jerry Cannon
© Jerry Cannon

One of the states that really consider bikers is Ohio. From trails with biking specific areas where foot traffic is prohibited to trails designed with bikers in mind, here you will get a full range of trails to fit your preference.

Looking for an amazing trail for you to try out in Ohio? Check out the Hampton Hills Tour.  It comes with bike-specific trails, some challenging terrain, and fast trails that will be fun for any mountain biker.

36. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness in Oklahoma

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness - proactiveoutside
© proactiveoutside

For most mountain bikers, Oklahoma State stands out, not just for its scenic features such as wooded areas but also for its unique challenges found on the trails.

One of the best trails you can find in Oklahoma is the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness areas. Here you have the chance of exploring 300 acres of undeveloped woodlands, with enough challenges to make it well worth it. You will find rocks on the trails, twists, inclines, and steep declines.

One of the best things about this trail is the way it will bring mountain bikers closer to nature, where they can experience some natural betty undisturbed by human interference.

37. McKenzie River Trail Oregon

McKenzie River Trail Oregon - Mountain Bike Action
© Mountain Bike Action

If you are ever n Oregon and want to go on some mountain biking adventure, take a trip on the McKenzie River Trail.  The track is amazing as it passes several springs with a beautiful blue pool as you ride along the 30-mile trail. You will also ride through some cedar trees, some older than the state, a great experience for any mountain biker.

38. Jake’s Rocks True Green Loop in Pennsylvania

Jake’s Rocks True Green Loop - Leslie Kehmeier
© Leslie Kehmeier

Pennsylvania is the kind of state with trails that will encourage you to carry a camera.  It has breathtaking scenery with mainly moderate trails, making it a great place for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers.

Take a visit to the Jake’s Rocks True Green Loop, a 4.2 – mile rail that comes with rock gardens, a water reservoir, fern meadows, and great overlooks.

39. Big River Trail in Rhode Island

Big River Trail - bigrivertrail
© bigrivertrail

Rhode Island comes with some interesting trails with a couple of obstacles to provide some challenge. Take the Big River trail as an example; mountain bikers will find several trails, all due to decades of logging motorcycles and trucks. You will find rocks, bridges, water crossing, and berms, which will challenge interested bikers.

40. Stevens Creek in South Carolina

Stevens Creek - jaybird57
© jaybird57

South Carolina comes with enough trails to suit both beginners and experts and everyone in between. You will also get to interact with nature and cultural history as you pedal along the different trails.

One of the best trails is the state is Stevens Creek. This is a challenging rocky and rugged trail with a steep downhill fit for experts willing to test their mountain bike skills.

41. Centennial Trail South Dakota

Centennial Trail South Dakota - Western Spirit Cycling
© Western Spirit Cycling

Mountain biking can be considered one of the most popular activities in South Dakota.  Apart from the huge number of trails, there is both a technical and easy trail, meaning anyone interested in mountain biking can go to SouthDakotafor some well-deserved amazing time.

If you are traveling to the state for the first time and are unsure this is the best trail, try out the Centennial Trail.  It ends near some hot springs with both grasslands and steep climbs along the trail.

42. Enterprise South Nature Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Enterprise South Nature Park - shebicycles
© shebicycles

Tennessee is a state covered in beautiful physical features, including waterfalls, forests, and steams. On top of the beauty, the trails found in Tennessee are a mountain biker’s paradise, being that they come with steep rocky trails.

One of the best trails is the Enterprise South Nature Park, Chattanooga. The trail is divided into three covering easy, intermediate, and expert bikers. Easy trails are flat and relatively risk-free in terms f injury, while the more challenging ones may see you risk some injury here and there.

43. Reveille Peak Ranch in Texas

Reveille Peak Ranch - The Austinot
© The Austinot

Texas is a great place to go for mountain bike climbing as it is covered in different terrains that are great for exploration.  The state has easy and more challenging terrains, meaning it can accommodate beginners to expert bikers.

Reveille Peak Ranch has become quite popular with bikers and has beenknown to host various competitions. The trailisgreat for intermediate and expert bikers, which include rocky obstacles and sharp drops.

44. Wasatch Crest Trail in Utah

Wasatch Crest Trail - Steve Mokan
© Steve Mokan

Utah has some mountainous trails that are worth checking out. One of the best trails you can find is the Wasatch Crest Trail outside Salt Lake City.Thereare always people flocking aroundthis area all through the year for easy access, amazing vistas, and beautiful trails.

The trail snakes its way along the mountain’s top, through the aspen glades and meadows, making it one of the trails to check out. Expect some challenges when using the trail, with some inclines and steep declines, meaning season bikers are best for these trails.

45. Jester Kingdoms Trail in Vermont 

Jester Kingdoms Trail - Logan Watts
© Logan Watts

If you are into machine-built trails that snake down a slope with huge berms and rollable tabletops that will see you enjoy some smooth takeoffs and beautiful landings, then the Jester Kingdoms Trails in Burke Mountain is the perfect trail for you. 

Enjoy nature as you speed down the hilly slope in a way that beats riding on the open flat roads at any time.

46. Fountainhead Regional Park in Virginia

Fountainhead Regional Park - MTB Project
© MTB Project

While in Virginia, you have several options as t the trail you want to follow.  You can choose between riding on the Appalachian ridges, the mountain hollows, pinewood, or using the local trail.

One of the best trails if you are spoilt for choice while in Virginia is the Fountainhead Regional Park which comes with a beautiful trail that snakes through ridges and above the lake, in varying degrees of difficulty that will test your skill the bike. It is a 14-mile trail way with unrailed obstacles that will keep you alert at all times.

47. North Cascades Bike Trail in Washington

North Cascades Bike Trail - Anthony Harasimowicz
© Anthony Harasimowicz

Washington comes with several biking trails that will accommodate riders of all levels of skill. From the old forests to the Olympic mountain ranges, Washington has top-notch bike trails that have resulted in several dedicated mountain bikers in the state.

One of the best trails you can follow while in Washington is the North Cascades bike trails, which come with well-maintained mountain biking trails, with breathtaking views on all sides that will see you slow done to take it all in. The stretch is a 12-mile trail with relatively difficult challenges suited for people who know their way around mountain biking.

48. Canaan Valley in West Virginia

Canaan Valley - Roots Rated
© Roots Rated

Mountain biking was introduced to West Virginia in the eighties and has steadily grown unpopularity, with the state gaining notoriety for the toughest and most challenging biking destinations.

One of the best trails you can choose to ride through if you are ever in West Virginia is the Canaan Valley. A challenging trail sure to leave you tuckered out. Riding out in West Virginia will need an experienced kind of biker, as a bit of injury and blood is common.

49. Nine Mile Forest in Wisconsin

Nine Mile Forest - Matt Block
© Matt Block

Wisconsin has had mountain biking trails for at least three decades and has even stepped up its game in adding new trails due to growing demands from mountain bikers.

One of the best trails you can ride on is the Nine Mile forest. The great thing about this trail is the gradual descent from an easy trail to a challenging one as you ride along. Expect to meet log piles, berms, and rocks to test just how skilled you are at mountain bike riding.

You will also get to see great sceneries as the trail goes to the top of a 140-foot high ridge.

50. Yellow Stone National Park Wyoming

Yellow Stone National Park Wyoming - Rails to Trails Conservancy
© Rails to Trails Conservancy

Wyoming is home to the yellow stone park, and a trail through the park must be the favorite for any biker happening to visit the state.

The yellow stone national park comes with some of the most fantastic views and comes with the fountain loop trails, which will see you get a chance to spot a bison while riding your bike. You will also get to see some geysers and lakes, with a flat terrain that will allow you to come with family and enjoy.


No matter which state you find yourself in, there will be some mountain biking enthusiasts, meaning there will be several trails for you to explore. Depending on what you prefer, either the wild or trips across towns and cities or maybe a relaxing ride around a lake, there will always be a wide number of options to choose from.

Happy biking!

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