The 11 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Idaho

Also referred to as the “Gem State,” Idaho is popular for its vast agricultural supplies, particularly its potato crop, which encompasses…

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Also referred to as the “Gem State,” Idaho is popular for its vast agricultural supplies, particularly its potato crop, which encompasses around one-third of the yield nationwide. The backcountry adventures, high desert riding, deep, lush forests, and some of the most picturesque sceneries you’ll ever encounter are all found in this state. No wonder Idaho is the host to some of the state’s most competitive and famous mountain bike races.

Whether you are visiting Idaho for a change of scenery, a bike-packing trip, or for a competition, you will be amazed by the residents’ hospitality and love. Idaho has some of the fantastic and breathtaking mountain biking trails in the country. From the descents, the steep, unforgiving climbs, and the dirt’s composition, you will be given the much-needed level of challenge you desire.

If you are new in Idaho and wondering about some of the stunning mountain biking trails and pretty rad to explore, then look no further; this piece will enlighten you on the same.

Let’s jump in 

1. Bear Basin – 24 Mountain Biking Trails

These trails are suitable for everybody. They are easy enough for a novice to traverse but challenging enough for a pro to be entertained adequately. With about 25 miles of biking, this trail system comprises 24 trails. Most of the tracks are green and blue, with two black trails to make it more interesting. In one way or another, almost all the trails in Bear Basin connect, thus evading the monotony of out and backs.

The Bear Basin trail system encompasses switchbacks, big berms, rocks all over, and densely forested areas throughout the trails; hence you will be able to access these spots with much ease. The west side of the trail is more ideal for uphill navigation. After descending the lower drain, it helps to ascend back to the top. It is a gradual climb; thus, it is vital to maintain a sturdy pace and adore the lush greenery with minimal hassle.

Bear Basin Mountain biking trail system is situated at the edge of Payette National Forest in McCall, Idaho. Off the North Club Hill Blvd, there is parking with bathroom access. Off the West Face Trail, there is an additional bathroom. The parking is accessible year-round, but the trails are not open until June.

It is essential to warm up your mind and body before the start of the technical navigations; this helps to reduce crashes and injuries.


2. Silver Mountain Resort 

Silver Mountain Resort
©The Loam Wolf

For four years in a row, the Silver Mountain Resort biking trail has been voted as the best bike park in the Northwest. No wonder they boast of the longest gondola ride in North America with approximately 40 trails of singletrack enjoyment. They also have specially designed trails for beginners that cover up to 800 feet of vertical descents; this allows them to do more laps to better their skills. Pro bikers can go all the way up to and descend the 3400 vertical drop that takes roughly 15 minutes.

Wearing gloves while you bike at the Silver Mountain Resort is advised. The descends will wreak havoc on your fingers and hands; thus, a little extra padding will help ensure you get a smooth ride and keep your hands on the bars. With the several trails at this resort, it may be a challenging hurdle when deciding which one to explore. 

The Lower Hammer is a black diamond trail with big tabletops, berms, and a couple of gaps; bikers are urged to be careful and look out while using this trail to avoid accidents.

The Payday mountain biking trail is a smooth machine green groomed track with immense sweeping switchbacks that requires some practice and skills. However, the smooth trail that features minimal rocks is ideal for intermediate and novice riders to learn.

Another double black diamond track is the Lower Log Jammin mountain biking trail which is the most challenging route at Silver Mountain. It encompasses step-ups, a wooden jumps section, drops, a ladder bridge, and a road gap.

Silver Mountain Resort mountain biking trail is situated in Kellogg, Idaho. From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, the Gondola is accessible from June to September. On Fridays, it is opened till late. The resort offers mountain biker rentals. For repairs, there are a couple of bike shops along the trails.


3. Williams Creek -Advanced Mountain Biking Trail

Williams Creek -Advanced Mountain Biking Trail
©MTB Project

Williams Creek comprises 74 trails. Eighteen of which are Blue while the others are back diamond and above. Advanced mountain bike riders best enjoy these trails. However, some intermediate may also manage to navigate in some of the trails. The trails go through grassland forest and feature spectacular sceneries of Williams Creek. Many of which are incredibly steep.

Come ready to hike-a-bike in some sections for you to access the best descents. Ideally, you may come along with your friends with two vehicles and park at the bottom and top of the descent for you to shuttle the trail.

Many of the trails are Williams Creek goes beyond the shops and the roads. Thus you will ready to fix the tire on your own in case of any shortcomings. It may be ideal to bring along a tire plug. This Genuine Innovation will facilitate a fast flat fix, thus saving you from inconveniences as you navigate the trails. 

The Powerhouse Gulch at Williams Creek is a famous trail for shuttling and has parking on both ends. It is approximately 2 miles long with an elevation change of 1,298 feet. This trail allows you to speed up as it goes through meadows. While the Horn Hunter is the more comfortable trail loop and perfect for beginners, it goes between Horse Mountain and Horn Hunter. This ideal is suitable for practicing.

Williams Creek Trail System is situated in Salmon, Idaho. There are approximately 15 parking areas scattered throughout the tracks for direct access and shuttling purposes. Before heading straight into the steep trails, you should consider warming up at the fire roads.


4. Lemhi Mountains Trails

Lemhi Mountains Trails

The Lemhi Mountains Trails are situated in the Salmon-Challis National Forest in May, Idaho. From Leadore, Idaho, it’s about an hour and a half ride. Off Bull Creek Road (103), there is parking. A campground by the name of Eightmile Campground is within the trails. It will be wise to carry extra of everything you may need as the area is relatively remote.

Maxing out above 12,197 feet, the Lemhi Mountains are some of the most prominent peaks in Idaho. These trails are some of the favorites as they are lengthy and spread out. It makes you feel fantastic as it offers the ultimate backcountry feeling and separates you from the rest of the city lifestyle. Backcountry riding has made many explorers fall in love with mountain biking due to the breathtaking experience.

The Lemhi Mountains comprise of 50 trails, of which 25 are black diamond trails. A novice rider shouldn’t try this type of riding on their own as it could be hazardous. Mechanicals and other difficulties can become even more daunting in case you get stuck in the backcountry. There are three main trails here: the Devils Basin, Rocky Creek, and the Kadletz-Hayden, with varying difficulty levels.


5. Tamarack Bike Park 

Tamarack Bike Park
©Visit Idaho

Tamarack Bike Park is a lift-accessed mountain biking trail situated 20 miles of West of McCall in Tamarack, Idaho. The park is accessible from June 15 to September 15 and comprises of 40 trails. The park has a number of intermediate and beginner trails and a couple of expert options with tabletops, jumps, and wooden wall rides.

Apart from the downhill bike section that charges $41 per day, there is a vast network of cross-country tracks throughout the resort available to the general public at no cost.

As a result of the continuous use, the downhill bike trails can get much dusty. It may be ideal to use goggles instead of glasses so that you may protect your eyes from dust rather than spending the whole day blinking your eyes or getting distracted.


6. Osberg’s Ridge Mountain Biking Trail

Osberg’s Ridge Mountain Biking Trail
©Youtube: BKXC

 Osberg’s Ridge Trail is situated 45 minutes to the outskirts of Sun Valley in Idaho. The 11-mile ride traverses across a ridgeline with amazing sceneries as far as the eye can see. It is incredibly amazing to bike at this backcountry riding as you get a feeling like you are the only person in the universe due to the places where the trails take you.

The Osberg’s Ridge trail is a traverse and fully engaging as it takes you to various climbing. The only shortcoming of these trails that they aren’t easy to get to as it is a point-to-point track; thus, you may opt to hire a shuttle service.

You consider bringing a camera so that you may not miss a moment of this breathtaking adventure full of amazing views.


7. Magic Mountain Biking Trail System

Magic Mountain Biking Trail System

The Magic Mountain biking trail system is situated in Twin Falls, Idaho. It comprises 36 trails designed for expert and beginner riders. The trail provides multiple loops connecting to a lengthy out and back area for a spectacular backcountry feel. Some of these trails encompass descents and sustained climbs that are between 4 and 8 miles long. These types of climbs are suitable for people seeking sustained power numbers and for hard training.

The Magic Mountain Trail features Alpines and Aspen groves and is described as high desert biking. Riders are urged to be cautious and on the lookout as these trails are open to ATVs and motorcycles.


8. Frog Lake Loop Trail

Frog Lake Loop Trail
©Idaho Alpine Zone

The Frog Lake Loop Trail is situated near Sawtooth National Forest in Clayton, Idaho. This big loop features 4,600 feet of elevation change and a 24 miles ride ridden in either direction. The trail begins and ends with rocky, challenging terrain but in the middle are attractive forested trails. The trail has sharp turns, berms, and high-speed descents.

It may be ideal to use a full-suspension mountain bike for this trail if you have one. The full suspension mountain bike will offer excellent traction on the wobbly terrain and a smooth ride through the challenging sections. It would be best to put on protective gear and a helmet to safeguard yourself in accidents.


9. Wagonhammer Mountain Biking Trail System

Wagonhammer Mountain Biking Trail System

The Wagonhammer Trail System is situated approximately two hours South of Missoula Montana in North Fork, Idaho. It is a 50 miles breathtaking ride with a number of descending and climbing that you could ever do in a single day or even a week.

The difficulty level in the Wagonhammer trail varies and comprises three access points. One of the points is dedicated to cross country riding, while the remaining two are for shuttle access if you are planning for a day with minimal pedaling. There is a lot of wildlife to entertain your eyes. However, it would be best if you exercise extra caution while biking.


10. Boise Foothills Trail Network

Boise Foothills Trail Network

Situated conveniently near Boise in Idaho, the Boise Foothills Mountain biking trail network comprises 22 trails and is primarily dedicated to intermediate and novice riders. The trick to biking on this type of trail is to focus at all times on carrying momentum. The trails are rolling as a short descent follows each uphill ascends. If you carefully speed up during descent, you will able to enjoy the next uphill less hassle. This is a vital skill to acquire as a mountain biker.

There is various parking area that allows you to access your favorite trails directly. There is also a bathroom for changing or pit stops. You may even opt to make a more extended day on the tracks by now biking from the Boise Foothill Trail Network to Hulls Gulch or Military Reserve.


11. The Woodrat Mountain Biking Trail

The Woodrat Mountain Biking Trail

Situated approximately a 2-hour drive from Canada, the Woodrat mountain biking trail is situated in Priest Lake in Idaho. To get to the trail, you will have to park close to Hills Resort and proceed towards the fire road that leads to the trail entrance. This trail is ideal for workouts due to the ripping descents and challenging climbs. 

The Woodrat mountain biking trail is extremely steep with a number of ups and downs terrain. The descent has an amazing flow and some heavily forested sections that will give you the fairyland feel. Right at the shores of the lake, the trail will lead you back to exactly where you parked.

It may be wise to adjust your gearing as the trails tremendously steep. A helmet and safety gear is also recommended to protect yourself in case you fall.


Bottom Line

The popularity of mountain biking has increased in Idaho due to its several health benefits and recreational purposes. You can never miss a spot to explore wit

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