10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Maine [Our Favorites]

Maine stands in the north-eastern part of the US and is known for its mountainous topography and parks. This rocky coastline…

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Maine stands in the north-eastern part of the US and is known for its mountainous topography and parks. This rocky coastline state has several mountain biking trail systems providing one of the best riding exploration opportunities. You will experience Maine pine forests and the Acadia National Park. You will discover many scenery parts of hidden Maine on your two wheels.

Below, you will find the best 10 mountain biking trails in the state of Maine.


1. Carrabassett Valley Trail System

Carrabassett Valley Trail System

The Carrabassett Valley Trail System is situated in western Maine and elevates more than 1,200 feet. This trail system consists of double tracks, single tracks, and fire roads which are more than 100 miles and can serve for a thrilling ride time.

You will enjoy the beautiful view of the Carrabassett River as you journey along Route 27. You can make use of the many steep climbs of the Maine Trails and Huts. The descents of Oak Knoll and Newton’s Revenge will also make for a thrilling experience. The Sugarloaf Mountain Resort is located adjacent to the Carrabassett Valley Trail System. You may use this place for relaxation, especially if you are spending a lot of time here.

Some of the trails here include the Narrow Gauge Pathway and Toad & Buckshot. The Narrow Gauge Pathway is very specific for beginner bikers and gives them more than 6 miles of smooth and downhill riding. The upcoming intermediate bikers can use the TOAD and Buckshot path, which offers both an uphill and downhill ride over a 2-mile single-track way.

Beginners can usually use the “Round the Pond” riding loop, which starts and ends at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. In contrast, the “Jabba the Hut” loop is available for intermediate riders who want to improve their skills. The Jabba the Hut loop enhances skill level by riding through dense wood pathways on the single-tracked stone ground. The loop is made for moderate challenges, and you can enjoy the view of the Bigelow Mountain Range as you ride through.


2. Mount Agamenticus Biking Trail

Mount Agamenticus Biking Trail
©Maine Trail Finder

Popularly called Mount A or Aggie, the Mount Agamenticus Biking Trail is for both newbie and expert riders to test their skill level, especially in technical and aerobic skills. There are several rocks on this trailing pathway located in the southern part of the state. Riders should also know that its descent may be difficult when wet because of its slippery nature. 

Besides the standard loop of 8 miles, you can explore other by-the-side trails as you journey through the mount. This biking trail is situated in the most southern part of Maine, and you can quickly access its several trails miles, including an eight-loop course. The pathways are usually secluded woods having either a single or double trailing system. When you journey through the biking woods, you see several nature views ranging from stone walls and brooks to swamp and pond.

One of your most thrilling moments could come from driving the steep mountain upward until you reach its summit. At the summit, you can see the surrounding nature’s view and take few minutes for relaxation. You can make use of the northern part of the parking lodge to descend the mountain. Importantly, you can have a more relaxed time at the popular Ogunquit Beach just four miles north of Mount Agamenticus. 


3. Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park

The Bradbury Mountain state Park uses a single-track trailing system with more than 18 miles. This trail is situated near Freeport, on Route 9, and bikers will experience some level technicalities because of the steepness of its path. You are provided with a few signposts and maps as you journey through the trails.

At the top of this mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding nature below. The mountain top is easily accessed through the Northern Loop trail, though you may also decide to use the South Ridge Trails or switchback, which serves as intermediate trails connecting the bottom to the top of the mountain.

After your riding experience, you can always enjoy other picnics and recreational activities. There are ascents and descents within which you can test your biking skills. The elevation is up to 485 feet, while you can experience a flat trail in the eastern region.  After your riding activity, you can always use the restrooms, benches, campgrounds and drink water provided by the park.


4. Bond Brook

Bond Brook
Cooper Richard

Bond Brook lies on a 172-acre of land in the center of the capital of Maine, Augusta. The Bond Brook trail system consists of both double and single tracks. You will easily get along some flowy and fast trails, but you can also enjoy some technicalities as you try to climb up the ascents. 

Bond Brook has over 12 miles of trails, with the “Res in Hallowell” serving as an addition to Bond Brook’s trails. In the “Res in Hallowell,” you will come across the scenic view of nature’s beautiful reservoir. Newbie riders can improve their skill level through the various technical challenges on the Bond Brook trail. 

You will also enjoy the cross country ski trail, which makes you go through some hilly path; this trail serves as an addition to the standard single trail Bond Brook offers. If you come almost after the Tred Fest racecourse, there may be paints of white and red arrows on the ground; this provides an easy work-through when you want to ride. 


5. Bangor Area Trail

Bangor Area Trail

The Bangor Area Trail is perfect for its wildlife sightseeing feature. Newbies can bask in the thrilling moment of enjoying one of the best rides in their path since this trail system features lesser climbs and a more fast and flowy dash.

You will also ride through the path of rocks, roots, and forests on this double and single-track trailing system. The Bangor City Forest trail can be a little bit challenging since you will ride along short sections of a single track. You can easily access a few roads that lead to a decent path within the rooty, tight, and rocky forest. Otherwise, you can use the multi-used Tripp Drive and Kittredge road. 

The trail signs will help you along your journey, and you may use the upper lot near an old landfill as your parking area. You may face a few challenges when you get to an old beaver dam; be careful not to let the washed-out dam swallow your wheels. There are trail maps, which can direct your way through the Bangor Area Trials, and you should expect to see less of a hilly environment.


6. Blackstrap Hill Preserve Mountain Biking Trail

Blackstrap Hill Preserve Mountain Biking Trail
©Kennebec Journal

Having an extensive network of trails and located on an expanse of over 280 acres, the Blackstrap Hill Preserve Trail comprises many technical hill-climb challenges and flow-through descents.  The single-track trail system of Blackstrap Hill Preserve is about 8 miles in length. 

You will have a scenery view of a little waterfall while you descent back from the hill. There are trail maps to direct you in selecting the path of descent you want, with the Black Trail having the most technical ride-through; some of your experiences with this trail include rock gardens, jumps, and drops, while there are fewer obstacles with the Red/Green trail.

Ensure you are careful when riding down as the trails are slippery when wet. The starting point to the Blackstrap Hill Preserve is Hurricane Rd at Falmouth. This road leads to a woody snowmobile area that eventually passes through a small river crossing the trail end’s flat downhill part.


7. Presque Isle’s Nordic Heritage Center Trail

©The County

The Nordic Heritage Center at Presque Isle, Maine is designed by IMBA Trail Solutions’ Rich Edwards. The delightfulness of this trail is that you will experience one of the best nature rides through the forest trail.  You will pedal through few technical challenges ranging from fluid and narrow paths to fluid ways. If you like a drop-off jump, you can always use the small terrain park. The Nordic Heritage Center Trail spreads for more than 20 miles and has directions placed at several locations to guide you through your biking journey on the single-track trail system. 

This trail is suitable for beginners and professional bikers because it offers easy to moderate to more technical and advanced biking. The Moose Trail and Field Trail are best for beginners because they can easily ride through these paths without any form of roughness within the undulating terrain. If you are brushing up your biking skills, you may use the Bootleg Trail, Ashby Ridge Trail, Tom’s Trail, Islands Trail, Chris’s Climb, or West Trail; many of these trails allow you to alternate between various sections of roots, steep pitches, tight turns and rockout crops.

The more advanced Goat Trail, Carl’s Trail, Tom’s Return, Lower Goat Trail, Zigzag Trail, Upper Goat Trail, and Vacation Land offer many technical challenges for professional bikers. They have very hard ascents and descents, unmarked alternate lines, rock-laden terrains, tight turns, and ledges. As you ride, ensure that you take heed to the inspect trails and other temporary trail postings before jumping or traveling at high speeds.


8. Titcomb Mountain Biking Trail

Titcomb Mountain Biking Trail

This is one small but exciting biking trail in Maine with few log throw-ins and flow-through smooth paths. There is a loop around of more than 6.5 miles on this single-track trailing system. It would be best if you are also prepared to have a good workout up the summit as you may expend more energy as you pedal your way through this exquisitely-built loop of the Alpine Ski and Titcomb Nordic trails. 

You should know that Fat Bikes are provided access to this trail during the snowy season, while you can use all mountain bikes during the rest of the season. This trail has been designed to intertwine across that cross country and downhill sections, but this does not follow the ski trails. 

Because of its small length, you may decide to ride through the entire trail at once while enjoying your grade reversals, descents, and switchbacks. Enjoy the exciting view of the various rockwork features and stone wall crossings, though you may not be able to jump and have any other challenging surprises.


9. Pine Ridge Mountain Biking Trail

Pine Ridge Mountain Biking Trail
©Rapid City Journal

Pine Ridge Mountain Biking Trail is located in Waterville, Maine. It uses a single-track system with more than 8 miles and a lot of ascents and descents challenges, and Maine NEMBA’s Central Chapter maintains it. Ensure you use the map as most of the trails here are recently built.

You will ride through the conifer tree stands and black oak prairies while enjoying its picturesque view. You can ride from either direction of Pine Ridge Mountain Biking Trail, but you can use the primary parking area on the map and ride to the northern end of the loop.


10. Libby Hill Forest Mountain Biking Trail

Libby Hill Forest Mountain Biking Trail
©Youtube: Andy Haynes

The Libby Hill Forest Mountain Biking Trail is designed by John Morton with Moose Odyssey serving as the main trail. You can lengthen your ride using many options which pulls you off onto the single track system. The thrilling moment is at the Libby Hill top where the trail has a circular path before you head towards a descent.

The Libby Hill Forest Mountain Biking Trail uses a combination of double and single track system. The Southwestern part of the trail is predominantly a single track with many challenges including crossing path with rock gardens and punchy ascents. The thrilling Fox trail gives you the ability to jump downhill while you can speed high on the Mink and Ghost. The shorts descents of the Hidden Gem, Harold Libby and Outback are particularly fun to try out within this cross-country community forest trail.

This trail has various places of interception and bikers can easily switch to any of the desired path. New bikers on the Libby Hill Forest Trail are encouraged to utilize the map found at various intersections.



Mountain biking in Maine’s hilly terrain can be a thrilling and satisfying experience, especially if you like steep ascents and descents characterized by various scenic views and recreational and relaxation centers. Biking in Maine allows you to have a feel of nature’s vegetation beauty while you develop your biking skills. You can access some of our best mountain biking trail in Maine when you visit or drive through the state.

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