The 12 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Massachusetts

This is one of the original 13 States and one of the States that made up New England. The State lays northeast of the

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This is one of the original 13 States and one of the States that made up New England. The State lays northeast of the country, neighbours with Vermont and New Hampshire to the east and Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south.

Massachusetts is a great place for mountain bikers to explore. Whether you are looking for expert trails or beginner, rolling flat fields’ or heavily wooded areas, Massachusetts has it all. Depending on where you plan to visit in the State, there are several options for you to choose from.

Explore Massachusetts and check out the beautiful Cities, Villages and rural towns. Explore the breathtaking physical features with a great guide to some of the best trails you can find in Massachusetts. Read through this article, and you will be well on your way to a great biking adventure.

1. Pearl Hill State Park Trails

Pearl Hill State Park Trails -
© Mass. gov

The Pearl Hill Trail is a roughly 20-mile ride inside a 1000 – acre piece of land in Townsend, Massachusetts. It is made up of both single and double trails, which provide various challenges and accommodate both beginners and experts and everything in between.

The Pearl Hill State Park also connects with the Willard Brook State Forest through a mountain bike, adding at least 300-acres of hike-able land, with recreational activities around both areas.

You will find some challenge I the climbs and slopes, plus there are also diamond trails in the park. The trails are primarily intermediate to advanced, but beginners have enough trails to keep them well occupied.

 You get to enjoy a relaxing ride through wooden areas full of animals you might cross pass with.

2. Harold Parker State Forest Trails

Harold Parker State Forest Trails - The Nature Paige
© The Nature Paige

The Harold Parker Forest comes with several trails that you can use for your pleasure.  You will get to ride on wide straight fire roads, single trails and many intersections where you can switch different trails.

The trails are also well-marked to help provide direction as the land is vast, and you may get lost.

One of the more distinguishing features of these trails is the Berry Pond, which is closed off from motorists but can be accessed through a paved road, which runs from the pond to the parking area in Jenkins Road in Andover. The route is amazing for families, bikers and hikers.

You can also bike along the ADA-accessible stone dust trail that goes from the Pavilion on Middleton Rd.ds

The forests on the location come with a great ambience and much-needed shade during those sunny days. There is a variety of habitats, vernal pools with several animals you may come across.

3. Robinson State Park Trails

Robinson State Park Trails - AllTrails
© AllTrails

Robinson State Park is an enjoyable state parks you can find.  It is an 800 – acre piece of land that comes with diverse trails which vary from smooth single tracks to technical trails that will need you to be constantly alert.

There is a river, the Westfield River, which has a  smooth trail that goes along the Westfield River with a series of drumlines resulting from the last glacier. The trail itself is professionally made thanks to the good work of the people at Pioneer Valley, NEMBA.

The trail is at least 20 – miles, with some of the trails going high up to a point you can see the Westfield River with kayaks and canoes during the summer weather. It is a great place to take a picture or two, apart from enjoying the great view.

Although the park comes with several trails, it is quite hard for you to get lost as it is well marked, but you can go with the heavily used tracks if you are unsure. There are a few ravines along the trails, which might also help you keep track of where you are.

4. Thunder Mountain Bike Park Trails

Thunder Mountain Bike Park Trails - Pinkbike
© Pinkbike

The Thunder Mountain Bike Park is a downward gravity trail that will test your skill to the fullest. The trail can accommodate anyone from beginner to expert, each with a different route to go downhill.

The park is located in Berkshire Mountain Resort, where several sporting activities take part throughout the year, including skiing, hiking and biking. There is also a shuttle to take you up the mountain to reduce the hassle of the climb.

You can rent the right gear for the ride at the park.

There are bike lessons at the park for first-time riders, with cooperative instructors who will guide you and address any concerns you might have.

The beginner course is gentle, with a few potholes along the way. Intermediate bikers can access the more challenging rides and come with steel obstacles and a few man-made features. It would be best if you were at least a competent biker to attempt the intermediate trails.

There are advanced, expert and pro-line trails that will require skilled bikers as they come with increasing steep slopes, jumps, rock faces, arrow rails, gaps and drops.

5. Vietnam Trails

Vietnam Trails - MTBProject - Jamie Bechta
© MTBProject – Jamie Bechta

The property lies at the centre of a 1000-acre protected space. The trail only allows for non-motorized machines, meaning mainly bikers and hikers are allowed. The property was purchased by NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association), which has helped improve and revamp the trail network and create new trails.

The trail is famous for its technical trails; however, intermediate and beginner bikers will get some mellow trails created jut for them. Most visitors at the park are mainly expert riders who come for the challenge, both physical and technical.

NEMBA is one of the first pieces of land purchased by a mountain biking association for the sole purpose of preservation, as the area was in danger of development, with a company owned by Donald Trump has made an offer for purchase.

Apart from the challenges posed by the trail, it is also a serene place for people who love the outdoors, as you get to be away from people surrounded by woos for as far as the eye can see.

6. Lynn Woods Reservation Trails

Lynn Woods Reservation Trails - RootsRated
© RootsRated

This is one of the huge Municipal Parks in America. It comes with at least 30 – miles of trail through forest, streams, ponds and wetlands. The reservation is approximately 2000-acres with three lakes, with the largest one dividing the whole place into two. There are different trails with the capability of accommodating from beginner to expert bikers.

You can explore a great place when on the reservation, where there is a stone tower built in the thirties. From here, you can see the Atlantic Ocean and the Boston skyline to the south. It is a great place to check out as you bike the trail.

You can also visit Dungeon Rock beneath a huge boulder, where urban legend dictates that some pirates had some treasure hidden there. If you have enough time on your hands, you can take a jab at trying to find the lost treasure.

Towards the north of the pond is one of the most challenging trails you can find. The trail is best for expert bikers as the terrain is mainly rocks from loose gravel to huge boulders, which might get a bit of getting used to.

The reservation is also home to beautiful flowers and wildlife that may get to cross your paths as you bike along.

7. Leominster State Forest Trails

Leominster State Forest Trails - Singletracks
© RootsRated

This is a trail located Nashua River Watershed, ad one of the best places to go biking in the Wachusett area, Massachusetts. The trail is within at least 4300 –acres of forested land, with various dirt roads and trails for bikers to explore.

Taking a ride through the Leominster State Forest will provide you with a taste of different trails, from smooth ones to the more technical trails, meaning Leominster Trails can accommodate beginner to expert bikers, including hikers and generally curious people.

You will get to climb any of the two highest points and enjoy the view and decline. The elevations are quite steep, so expect a burn. As you descend, the trails are not as smooth and may need you to be alert.  Through the forest, you may meet some wild animals and enjoy the beauty. 

8. October Mountain State Forest Trails

October Mountain State Forest Trails - New England Outside
© New England Outside

The October Mountain has it all! It is the perfect place for a family outing or a solo adventure from hiking, biking, boating, and picnicking. The October Mountain Forest s the largest state forest, coming at 16,500 – acres with an elevated area with a couple of reservoirs.

The forests highest point is what gave the October Mountain its name. It is a ridge that rises on top of the Housatonic River Valley, which offer bikers fantastic views worth stopping by and taking in the beauty.

The October Mountain State comes with a variety of trails, including a trail crisscrossing the Appalachian Trail. The majority of the trails are best for intermediate bikers, with experts getting several more challenging trails.

Bird lovers and outdoor lovers will also love the October Mountain Trail, with various plant life, birds and wildlife. Bring a camera along; if you can, as you may get some good shots in.

9. Douglas State Forest Trail

Douglas State Forest Trail - Boston Kayaker
© Boston Kayaker

The Douglas State Forest is a roughly 5000 – acre piece of land full of trails for biking enthusiasts to explore.  It is located in South Central, Massachusetts. To access the trails, you will have to go to the Parking area on Wallum Park Road and access the Coffeehouse Loop Trail, which will take you to the majestic Wallum Lake inside the Douglas State Forest.

Wallum Lake is a fantastic place, and with some of the trails going around it, you get to enjoy a relaxing ride, where you can socialize with other people. The lake allows for kayaking and fishing, while during the winter, people come over for skiing and snowmobiling.

Apart from the lake, there are also woodland trails which are fantastic to explore. The Douglas State Forest can accommodate bikers of all skill levels, with varying trails which range from smooth to the more challenging ones.

A great thing about the Douglas State Forest is sort of off the map, meaning it does not have many visitors, making it the ideal place for visiting some empty trails.

10. Maudslay State Park

Maudslay State Park - Newburyport
© Newburyport

The Maudslay State Park is split into two distinct parts where one side is more of a wooded area, while the other half is wide spaces, a few bridges ad a bald eagle habitat. There are beautiful views all across, whether it is the forested parts or the beautiful rolling fields with people and their pets having picnics and fun.

Most of the trails are double track and well kept, with a few obstacles, perfect for relaxed biking experiences. All the trails are well maintained, with all holes getting filled up with bulk mulch. The best time to ride is in the morning.

To get to the Maudslay State Park, take the 95 North and exit on 57 routes 113.and turn left on Noble Street. The State park will charge you $2 for parking.

You can also get all bike trail maps from the brochure box at the park headquarters’ news boards.

11. Wompatuck State Park Trails

Wompatuck State Park Trails - The Patriot Ledger
© The Patriot Ledger

Wompatuck is another excellent place for mountain bikers to test their skill and enjoy their hobby. Union Street separates the whole park with cyclists mostly used to riding on the street’s right side, which had more woodland. However, due to NEMBA and local cyclists’ efforts, a network of new trails has been created on the left side of the street.

‘Wompy’, as most people refer to it, it comes with the biggest variety of single tracks in the near Boston area.

The single tracks are mostly fast and winding, where you have to go dodging trees and going over rocks. The largest track is the Prospect hill track which has five different tracks.

There is a map you can copy to your smartphone, which is interactive, such that you can locate yourself anywhere on the map. The Wompatuck State Park comes with up to 450 campsites, so you can stay over and explore the trails.

12. Groton Town Forest  Trails

Groton Town Forest Trails - Groton Trails Network
© Groton Trails Network

Mountain bikers will love Groton Town Forest for its beautiful routes and well-crafted trails. You can choose to follow the trail that goes toward the railroad tracks or the Nashua River Trail that will see you ride along the banks of the majestic river.

The trail also comes with various wild animals, including red foxes, deer, owls, beavers and woodpeckers.

The Groton trails will accommodate riders of all skill levels.

At the Town, Forest centre is a flat glacier delta that drops off along the Nashua River.  It comes with a few kettle holes, which are unique to the otherwise flat terrain. To see this take the Town Forest Loop around the Groton Forest Trail.


Before going for any biking adventure, make sure you have all the required protection measures in place to prevent any serious injuries. Ensure your bike’s brakes both work. 

Always stick to the trail suited for your skill level, as trails may be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Otherwise, enjoy yourself ad be sure to explore as many trails as you can. 

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