The 8 Best Mountain Biking Trails in New Hampshire

Situated in the northeastern section of the New England area of the U.S, New Hampshire provides a myriad of opportunities for thrilling and adventurous

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Situated in the northeastern section of the New England area of the U.S, New Hampshire provides a myriad of opportunities for thrilling and adventurous mountain biking. Bordering Massachusetts, Vermont, Atlantic Ocean, and Maine, New Hampshire is also referred to as the Granite State. It boasts of a vast range of terrains from the coastline along the shores of the Atlantic to the towering snow-capped descents.

Mountain biking has become a popular sport around this region, thanks to the gorgeous landscapes ideal for biking. Apart from recreational purposes, the vast medical and health benefits have also been attributed to the high number of mountain bikers in New Hampshire. 

If you are new in New Hampshire and wondering about some of the best mountain biking trails to explore, then you are in the right place. This piece will give you much-needed insights into some of the exciting trails to navigate.

Let’s get to it.

1. Bear Brook State Park 

Bear Brook State Park - Noreaster Backcountry
© Noreaster Backcountry

Located in Allenstown city in New Hampshire, the Bear Brook State Park mountain biking trail encompasses approximately 10,000 acres of natural exquisiteness. This park trail is suitable for all-mountain biking levels; thus, everyone can navigate this trail regardless of their skills and ability. The course entails dirt roads, a wide doubletrack, and flowing singletrack, which includes a number of obstacles and unique landscapes that exponentially escalate the excitement and the fun to be had by bikers. 

The Bear Broke State Park trail system includes three courses that are colorfully marked and intended for pros, intermediate, and novice bikers, respectively. The trail for beginners stretches up to six miles when biked as an out-and-back loop encompasses a combination of dirt, paved road, and double track. It has minimal obstacles to allow the bikers to exercise and improve mountain biking handling skills and techniques.

The intermediate 14-mile trail at Bear Brook State Park boasts a mixture of single and double track, rapid downhills and semi-grueling uphills, and a number of challenging granite steps. Professional bikers will be challenged by the advanced loop in the park and the 17-mile trail that traverses the Cascade Trail and the Catamount Hill. At this point, the bikers are punished by a technical uphill climb which is then followed by a technical and rapid free fall.

The mountain biking section of Bear Brook State Park is situated on Podunk Road, which is close to the I-93 off-ramp in Allenstown

2. Fort Rock

Fort Rock - Eastern Maine Cycling Club
© Eastern Maine Cycling Club

Situated in Newfields and Exeter’s towns in New Hampshire, the Fort Rock Mountain biking trail features two forests that are the Oakland Town Forest that is in Newfields and the Henderson-Swasey Town Forest in Exeter city. Route 101 separates the two forests. However, they are joined by a big metal culvert that runs beneath the highway.

The Fort Rock Mountain biking trails are the perfect recipe for pros and had-working bikers seeking a vast range of technical challenges. This technical trail features challenging roots and rocks, and the unique Route 101 runs under this section of New England mountain biking.

Fort Rock mountain biking can only be described as challenging and difficult. However, the technical uphill climbs are rewarded by the downhill sections that offer more than a fair share of excitement and adventure. Between the two trails, Oakland Hills tend to have more challenging obstacles. At the same time, the Henderson-Swasey encompasses the majority of scenic and mellow trails that are suitable for novices and families.

3. Great Glen Mountain Biking Trails

Great Glen - SkoutTravel
© SkoutTravel

Situated in the city of Gorham in New Hampshire, the Great Glen Mountain biking trails are positioned on the northern side of the state close to Mount Washington Great Glen. These popular trails have something in store for everyone wishing to explore, from novice, those seeking to perfect their biking skills and pro riders testing the limits of their speed.

The incredibly diverse Great Glen Mountain biking trail system features courses for every category of bikers. It promises unlimited outdoor biking entertainment. It is built within some of the most exciting and breathtaking natural views the state of New Hampshire offers. The course system is an ideal getaway for those seeking to escape the pollution and noise of the big city while improving their general physical fitness.

Apart from the inclement weather periods, the Great Glen mountain biking trail is accessible throughout the year. There are no parking charges. The course is maintained both by the local mountain biking club and the city of Gorham.

Great Glen Mountain biking trails are a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family as there is something for everyone. However, those exploring this trail are urged to practice caution while biking in order to avoid accidents. On reaching a tough terrain, it may be wise to dismount your mountain bike and to take a walk.

4. Page Hill Mountain Biking Trail

Page Hill Mountain Biking Trail - Kai Troester
© Kai Troester

Situated in the town of Hill in New Hampshire, Page Hill Mountain biking trail is a premier location for biking in the state. A lot of resources have been dedicated to this trail by the local mountain biking chapter. The outcome of these efforts was an overly technical, seven-mile double-track and singletrack course ideal for advanced and intermediate bikers.

The vast range of tracks in Page Hill mountain biking trail offers bikers of all skill levels a suitable spot to exercise, hone and ultimately perfect their skills and bike handling techniques. The relatively flat and wide doubletrack mostly caters the intermediate bikers. On the other hand, the ultra-fast singletrack is suitable for expert bikers as one experiences the thrill as they navigate the obstacle-laden track and the downhills.

The vast array of trails in this park are marked colorfully in accordance with the level of technicality they present, thus making this spot one of the most popular destinations for mountain biking by the residents of New Hampshire.

Page Hill Mountain Biking Trail gives the bikers to work out as they interact with nature. It is a perfect spot to unwind from the busy and stressful city lifestyle. Biking here helps to forget about anything else and have fun.

5. Mayflower Hill

Mayflower Hill - Estately
© Estately

Situated in the town of Milford in New Hampshire, the Mayflower Hill mountain biking trail is ideal for riders with minimal time for exploring. This trail features a mere single mile of track. Although the distance to be navigated is minimal, the natural sceneries and technical challenges will supplement it.

Mountain bikers seeking a perfect spot for exploring should definitely opt to take a trip to the Mayflower Hill Trail. Positioned among a vast variety of hardwood trees, with sparkling creeks forming a calm, secluded environment that provides a combination of broad, meandering doubletrack, technical climbs, and a number of quick, challenging descents that are more appreciated when experienced.

The Mayflower mountain biking trail is managed by the local mountain biking club and the city of Milford. It is opened throughout the year, apart from the periods of harmful and potentially hazardous weather.

Mountain bikers wishing to explore this trail are urged to comply with the safety rules and guidelines, for instance, wearing helmets and safety gear while biking. Additionally, bikers should be careful and on the lookout not to injure themselves or others or cause damage to nature.

6. Tucker Brook Town Forest Trail

Tucker Brook Town Forest Trail - NH Family Hikes
© NH Family Hikes

Situated close to Milford in New Hampshire, the Tucker Brook Mountain biking trail loop stretches up to 1.6 kilometers. This trail features scenic views and a waterfall. It is ideal for a wide range of activity options from recreational to exercise and can accommodate bikers with various skills level, from amateurs to pros. Dogs are allowed on this trail but should be kept on a leash at all times.

Tucker Brook Loop offers mountain bikers an opportunity to interact with nature as they navigate along the thrilling and breathtaking trails. The region provides a vital habitat for wildlife. The trails encompass swamps, open fields, woodlands, ponds, and brook ecosystems. A vast range of species is also available in this trail, including wild turkey, mink, weasel, ruffed grouse, snowshoe rabbit, porcupine, great blue heron, a number of local songbirds, numerous species of local hawk, woodpecker, among many others. A perfect spot to unwind from the busy city lifestyle as you interact with friends and family.

The proximity to town makes the accessibility of the Tucker Brook Town Forest mountain biking trail more convenient. Bikers are able to navigate along the streams and swamps. They would bike cross beaver dams and proceed along streams where one could enjoy the sceneries of the stonework of an old mill and small waterfall.

From the Mason and Savage Road, one can access these trails through a spur that burns through Tucker Brook Road as you divert from the Whitten Road. Additionally, these trails offer a perfect opportunity for studying and viewing wetland habitats.

7. Drummer Hill Conservation Area Trail

Drummer Hill Conservation Area Trail - Trail Finder
© Trail Finder

The Drummer Hill Conservation Area mountain biking trail is the most extensive singletrack destination situated near Keene in New Hampshire. The trail is ideal for expert and intermediate bikers. It features roots, rocks, and tacky soil. During winter, the trail is covered with snow thus may require a high degree of skill to navigate as it may be slippery and hazardous.

The trails go through private and public properties and stretch up to 13 miles of authentic doubletrack and 18 miles of singletrack. The locals prefer to navigate this wilderness because of the thrill and excitement. The trail is accessible throughout the year and is also used for fat biking, running, skiing, and snowshoeing. 

The Drummer Hill mountain biking trail leads to another singletrack that is unmapped towards the adjacent townships of Surry and Gilsum, accessible without biking on any paved roads. The more than ten hours of saddling can be enjoyed with very minimal backtracking.

You can access this trail via any of the four parking sections, including the meetinghouse road, Greenacres and Drummer Roads, Timberlane Dr., and the Goose Pond parking section off Rt.12A (W. Surry Rd.)

Most of the tracks on the slopes facing southwest and proceed downhill from east to west. The New England Mountain Biking Association Keene/Brattleboro Chapter is responsible for the maintenance of the map and trails.

From the Drummer and Greenacres Roads parking area to the 1148 ft. peak of Bitten Trail, you will climb up to 600 vertical feet. The challenging twist and turns are what make this trail more adventurous and fun to navigate.

Although there is no singletrack for beginner level in Drummer, three dirt fire roads doubletrack, Wild Things, Old Gilsum and Lower Drummer, offer entry-level bikes with an excellent spot to start exploring the singletrack. However, it is recommended that you dismount your bike and walk when it is beyond your skills level at a terrain.

8. Highland Mountain Bike Park

Highland Mountain Bike Park - Unofficial Networks
© Unofficial Networks

Situated in Northfield, New Hampshire, the Highland Mountain Bike Park is the only lift access mountain in the world that is exclusively dedicated to biking. It features a cross country and downhill trail network, a massive indoor training facility, skill-building sections, and bag jump. The trail is ideal for all biking skills, from beginners to experts. It is also used for camping.

The Highland Mountain Bike Park has it all, from smooth rolling tabletop hurdles to course step-up jumps. The Hellion is a top-to-bottom classic jump trail and features bridges, tabletop jumps, wallrides, and rollers of all dimensions. Cat’s Paw provides wallrides and small jumps for intermediate bikers. NE Style, Power Hour, and Bone Saw are high speed and intense jump trails with chicane berms, curved walls, steep lips, and innovative wood features to make the ride more enjoyable.

Threshold on Highland Mountain Bike Park is the classic gnarly, rocky, Rooty, rapid, and dirty DH trail. Beginners may opt to bike at the Easy Rider or the Cat’s Paw trails as they are fun, super mellow, and buffed.

What makes this trail fun is that you will continuously blend with excavated and natural terrain and toss-up to the ultimate downhill playground. As you navigate downhill, the Fancy Feast will thrill you with stonework and roots, rock wallrides, mellow and steep sections, undercover variations, old and new growth forest, and continuous berms towards the lower section.

Bottom Line

New Hampshire is undoubtedly the ultimate mountain biking destination due to its breathtaking, adventurous, and thrilling trails. It is the perfect region to explore, work out, and interact with new people. The trails mentioned above will be worth your time and energy.

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