8 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Ohio

Trails for mountain biking in Ohio are popular for tourists who are obsessed with mountain biking. Parts of Ohio have wooden forests and rugged

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Trails for mountain biking in Ohio are popular for tourists who are obsessed with mountain biking. Parts of Ohio have wooden forests and rugged hills. This is a perfect environment for mountain biking. Ohio is dominated by unique courses suitable for the different ability level of riders.Some trails are open to foot traffic. Other trails are designed for mountain biking only to provide riders experience fast flowy trails. We desire to show you all the trails for different rider’s levels.We are going to discuss trails suggestions for a family-friendly ride, rolling single dirt track to simplify your sport, intermediate tracks that enhance your skills or the ones that work on your heart for an advanced rider. These trails include:

1. Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park

©cleveland.comMohican State Park is located in Loudonville, Ohio northeast of Columbus. It is a 23-mile round-trip loop. This state park is for intermediate and advanced riders. It is best for a ride mixed into a weekend trip.The mountain bike trail in Mohican State Park is the main draw, but there are other things you can do here. The bike trail is a very popular loop. It is usually crowded despite its distance from a major metro area. The Mohican State Park is a flowy single-track open to both foot traffic and horses making riders more alert to acquire best results.This trail does not have tech content, but riders get their ratings from the trail’s length and punchy climbs. There are few bailouts points along the way. This will allow you to rest on either side of trails or roads.From the parking area, head out under the bridge, back towards the campground entrance, and go through the trailhead’s parking area. When you are on the trail, the following is easy. Stay away from hiking trails. There is white PVC pipes markings and trail mileage.The trail is a single-track that winds through a mixed forest except for some short stints of double track and road riding. Early on the trail, keep an eye out for the forest gnomes. Around the 9th mile, the climb is worth it for the newly rebuilt flowy. Miles after the covered bridge, there is a side trail that will lead you to a fire tower.About 20 miles of flowing single track, you will get too technical riding. There is a decent-sized rock garden that will encourage you as you wind around large boulders. After crossing the wooden bridge, you will get to the road after a tough climb. Cross the river then look for the trail sign on the opposite of the road. It will be the last mile which is a riot with rocks, mud, and a nice jump to drop the ride.

2. Royal View Single Track

Royal View Single Track

©Century CyclesRoyal View Single-track is located in Strongsville, Ohio in Mill Stream Run Reservation, southwest of Cleveland. It is a 9-mile round-trip loop meant for beginners and intermediates. This trail is suitable for new riders looking for a hearty ride.Mill Stream Run Reservation is a park that offers several recreation opportunities. It has an all-purpose paved trail and two shared-use trails open to biking. Stay on the biking trails because there is a hiking-only trail that you can hit accidentally if not careful. If non-rider accompanies you, they will also enjoy hiking, horse trails, fishing, boating, archery, picnic spots, and other programs/events.In Royal View Single-track, you can begin your ride from the lower parking lot and take the Yellow Trail clockwise. The trail flows along single-track through the forest. Stream crossings, bridges, and boardwalk keep things interesting when heading south.On reaching the intersection with the Red Trail, stay right and follow it along the hillslope’s edge above the river. To continue following the Red Trail downhill, cross the road. You can increase your speed here on some fast and flowy single-track. The trail bends back toward the junction with the yellow trail. You will turn right. This will take you onto Red Trail Spur.The Spur trail provides some features and has a long length for those who want a challenge. When you choose to get out of the spur trail, continue on the Red Trail to finish the ride. The length can be intimidating to new riders. The trails are smooth and have a nice flow making it better for beginners.

3. Hampton Hills Tour

Hampton Hills Tour

©Summit Metro ParksHampton Hills Tour is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, In Hamptons Hills Metro-park. It is in the south of Cleveland. The trail is of 6.4 miles round-trip loop meant for intermediates. It is a free foot-traffic making it easy to work out on fast trails.The bike trails in Hampton Hills Metro Park is closed to foot traffic which is a rare thing but a mountain biker’s dream. The Hampton hills offer fast trails, challenging climbs, fun descents, tight turns, and optional features that make it the best place to practice your skills and work on your speed without fear encountering hikers and horse riders.Keep an eye out as you tear along. Sections of the trails are one-way, and others are two-way. Follow the directions shown by signs while watching out for other bikers.The ride will take you south from the parking lot and rotate on the Green Trail. The Hampton Hills Tour Trail is a flowy single-track. This is to warm up your legs and get your heart pumping. You will then get to intermediate trails. After you warm-up, pass through the parking area, head north to the intermediate trails through the gravel double-track intermediate connector. When leaving the connector, and get into the woods on Upper Loop, Woodward Creek Loop and Woodward Creek Western Extension, the trails will be more challenging.Twist the single-track to discover wooden features, slopes, and drops. Take time to learn about any features before you start riding. The trail is dotted and has punchy climbs and creek crossing to the biking entertaining. When going back toward the gravel connector trail, you may choose to take a second round or return through some fast fall to the parking lot.

4. Beach Ridge Bike Trail

Beach Ridge Bike Trail

©Metroparks ToledoThe Beach Ridge Bike Trail is located in Swanton, Ohio, in Oak Openings Preserve, west of Toledo. The trail is a 12-mile round-trip loop designed for beginners and intermediates. It is also best for families looking for unique trails.Oak Openings Preserve is a grate park has an extensive 12-mile mountain bike trail system. The park is also suitable for hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Most of the bike trails in the park are easy for intermediates. However, the bridges and wooden boardwalks in the area make the riding unique.The Beach Ridge Bike Trail is suitable for family outings and new riders who want to get out for a spin. The trail has a few optional features which make it ideal for practicing and improving your skills.Five miles to the ride, you may not use all the mountain biking trails in the system. This may not make you experience all that the park has to offer. The ride follows a clockwise route. The route changes depending on the days of the week. Ensure you check the day’s direction before you start riding.Follow the Wabash Cannonball Trail for a short distance heading to the first junction with the Hognose Snake Loop. Following the clockwise direction, you will head north on the Hognose Snake Loop. This leads to the woods and low wetlands. Bridges and boardwalks will be found along the terrain. At the Blazing Star Loop Junction, you may turn left and continue riding towards the north.You will find rolling, elevated boardwalks. They flow through the woods. Continue heading around the loop clockwise, take a turn at the Blue Racer Loop. This will lead you to the western edge of the park. If you want to add more mileage to the ride, follow the western edge. The trail opens up a bit when riding towards south to rejoin the Hognose Snake Loop. This allows riders to add speed before you finish where you started riding.

5. Mitchel Memorial Forest

Mitchel Memorial Forest

©Discover CincinnatiIt is located at Grandview, Ohio, in Mitchell Memorial Forest, northwest of Cincinnati. The trail is 8.2-mile round-trip loop. The trail is designed for intermediates, and it’s best for lunch loops and post work-rides.Mitchell Memorial Forest does not have a vast system, but the trails are designed for mountain bikers. The trail is also open for hikers and runners. Keep an eye on them. This trail has some technical features, a steep terrain that is attractive to advanced riders. Riders have to pay a daily-use fee of $3 or purchase an annual pass of $10.In this area, the stacked loops may make it easy for riders to make their experience as long or short as you want. Mitchell Memorial Forest is designed for single-track and a great flow. It also has some rock gardens scattered in for good measure.The route usually follows the clockwise direction, although you can follow either way. Start from the parking area; head out on A Loop that follows the terrain closely. You will go over an old foundation. To continue, keep left at the bailout point. Pass a small pond and a short downhill section.Where B Loop splits off, turn left and head down. The trail is more technical than Loop A. there are more rocks, some are bigger rock gardens. The trails are flowy and lovely regardless of the rocks.Head back toward A Loop when you finish Loop B. Hang to the left where you will find a downhill run. This trail will get you back to the parking lot.

6. Camp Tuscazoar MTB Trail

Camp Tuscazoar MTB Trail

©SingletracksCamp Tuscazoar MTB Trail is located in Dover, Ohio, at Camp Tuscazoar, south of Cleveland. The length of the trail is 5.8-mile round-trip loop. The trail is meant for intermediates and advanced bikers. The camp is best for a challenging ride and excellent views.Youth mountain bikers usually use the trail. The camp has a system of trails open to the public. You need to sign in out at the board in the parking area. The Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association revamped the riding area. They made the flow of the trail more sustainable with some technical features along the way. This spices thing up. The ride can be more challenging, especially for immediate riders. The view of the trail is also nice.Riders can take on more trails and miles along the way. This trail is shared with foot traffic, so be alert. Begin from the parking lot and locate the Pipestone trail behind the museum. Follow the trail to the Pioneer Point Overlook. You may pause to look at the view. Follow the steep descent. You will climb again before ending at the Troop 5 cabin. Take the gravel Zoar Valley Trail along the Tuscarawas River which is a short distance before you diverge toward Roost Trail.Use the rerouted trail following the more gradual switchback climb. On reaching Buzzards Roost, take a right to Iron Mine, a double-track descent and be careful of water bars. At the beginning of the Lucky’s Trail, is where the Camp Tuscazoar MTB Trail ends.The shared-use trail is very challenging. It has technical features, rock gardens, bridges, and steep climbs. At the end of the trail, you will see a steep gravel road climb to the parking lot. If you want more mileage, jump on any side trails open to bikes on the way.

7. Dow Lake Loop

Dow Lake Loop

©Hiking ProjectDow Lake Loop is located in Athens, Ohio, in Strouds Run State Park, southeast of Columbus. The length of the trail is 15.1 miles round-trip loop. The trail is for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers. It is best for a great ride on a weekend adventure.The Strouds Run State Park is suitable for camping, boating, fishing, and hiking if non-riders accompany you. On the mountain bike trail, you will also encounter foot traffic. Keep an eye out for them.You can ride this loop in any direction, but following the anticlockwise direction will allow you to start the ride with more challenging sections. The trail becomes more comfortable as you continue, which is suitable for a lengthy ride.From the parking lot, ride up to the dam. On this trail, you will encounter obstacles on the way like rocks, sharp turns, dips, and Rooty sections. The trail borders the lake and gives you a nice view through the trees. At the road, the trail ends there.After turning to the State Park Road, take the Hollow Point Trail on the right. You will then face a tough climb (the rest is an enjoyable flow). On finishing the Hollow Point Trail, cross the road, drop on to Thunder Bunny Trail. Here, the ride is flowy. This trail takes you back to the parking lot.

8. Vultures Knob Mountain Bike Trail

Vultures Knob Mountain Bike Trail

©MTB ProjectIt is located in Wooster, Ohio. The Vulture knob is a 10-mile single-track trail. It is privately owned.The trail system is advanced and provides the riders with many features and options that match their riding needs. There is something for every rider on this trail. The trail system has an artificial and very challenging single-track design in the state.


These trails in Ohio will give you an exciting experience. They are made to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders have a range of options. Prepare yourself for some fun in this mountain bike trails in Ohio.

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